Re: [SI-LIST] : How to simulate the jitter of the part?

R.S. Krishnan ([email protected])
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 10:43:03 +0531

Hi Shubin,

Dont know if this info. is of great help.
I am a full custom design guy, and we simulate cyc-cyc jitter for our par=
We have had success in correlating c-c jitter to silicon performance.
We know it is important to model the following accurately.
(Consider them in the same order of high to low priority)

Package/pin model
Power/ Ground Bussing on the chip (especially those that go to the IOs) -=
both R and C
(The Bussing plan itself is a big contributor : eg. CPU and PCI on the sa=
me bus could be a jeopardy)
The Clock input Slew rate at the input of IO Driver (including the predri=
ver, prepredriver etc)
The process corner of course.
Substrate model (an empirical model was used; elaborate models would cons=
ume time )

I am not sure what the Motorola model models. I would first try building =
the Motorola chip
model by representing all the IOs, then connect them up to the VCC/VSS as=
the pinout shows
(best guess). Then apply a regular clocks at the inputs to these IOs. I w=
ould expect that this itself should
show up some jitter at the output signals .(Dont forget to put the correc=
t loads on the pins).


Shubin Liu wrote:

> Dear lists,
> Because I need to predict the jitter of MC100ELT22 before I decide =
to apply it as a translator of clock signal . I haved downloaded the SPIC=
E model of the part ( which is in Motorola's application note : AN1596 ) =
, but I do not know how to add a stochastic jitter to a clock signal and =
how to simulate the jitter of the part with the MicroSim PSPICE . So I wo=
nder if anyone can give me some advice on whether I can make a simulation=
of jitter using the part's SPICE model , and , if it can work , how to d=
o it ?
> Thanks in advance for any help
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