Re: FW: [SI-LIST] : EMC at low frequencies

Laurence Michaels ([email protected])
Thu, 27 May 1999 10:35:35 -0400

"Johnson, David" wrote:
> Effects of 50Hz/60Hz magnetic fields on CRT display monitors was a subject
> of attention at the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) late last
> year. VESA's work was prompted by power industry responses to user
> complaints, in an effort to better educate end users about CRT display
> monitors. The result was a brief list of seven remedies that an end user
> can experiment with to reduce or eliminate visible interference (nothing
> quantitative; no engineering-level spec's or experimental data). The
> document is titled, "Guideline to Reduce the Visible Effect of Magnetic
> Interference on Computer CRT Displays."
> Although the VESA document is only 11 KB in size ("pdf" file) and only a
> little over one page when printed, it is under VESA copyright (10/14/98) and
> isn't necessarily available to non-members without payment of a modest fee
> to VESA. The location of the document is as follows on the VESA "private
> FTP site" (password protected; contact VESA for access):
> committees/standard/emc.pdf (file date 11/3/98). The VESA organization can
> be reached at
> Other standards bodies may, perhaps, have more extensive standards for
> quantitatively specifying various controlled test conditions for
> low-frequency electric and magnetic fields.
> ---- Dave W Johnson, Intel

Just checked the site, and there's a link to the described
document on the front page. There's no charge to download it
(currently), you just need to fill in a form that's a few clicks from
the front page, or possibly
will work.

-- Laurence
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