[SI-LIST] : EMC at low frequencies

Adrian Shiner ([email protected])
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:59:26 +0100

EMC effects start at effectively 0Hz. Many non industrial computers
(office type computers) and communications equipment will not "safely
shut down or recover to a safe mode" in the event of a predictable
electrical mains supply disturbance. It is extremely (almost impossible)
to obtain data on immunity to power supply disturbances for this type of
equipment. A failure of one computer due to being placed close to a
400Hz inverter (stray magnetic fields) prompted the question " What is
the immunity to magnetic fields?". "We don't know" was the response
from a major computer manufacturer.

Without compromising commercial positions, can anybody provide some
light work going on to improve this situation? Continuing with the
common approach of "Hard luck friend, see the escape clauses in our
conditions of sale" is not likely to improve the performance of the
Information Technology business.


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