RE: [SI-LIST] : source for AVX small inductance caps

BILL ANTHONY ([email protected])
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 10:12:38 -0800

Dr. Arrigo Benedetti,

To follow-up the last post by Alastair Hardie concerning low inductance
capacitors, I can confirm that Syfer Technologies, Ltd. is now in
of a new capacitor technology in the following sizes that I know of:
- X7R, COG, & MOV. As far as an 0508 or a 0612, I believe that will be
into production,

Syfer Technologies, Ltd. also produces an extensive product line that
would include the standard SMD-3-terminal feed-thru's you might need.

As for the new capacitor technology, Syfer is under license from X2Y
Attenuators, LLC. to produce and sell what is known in their own product
catalogue ( ) as a 'Balanced Line EMI
Capacitor' or what we call just an X2Y CAP (now a registered TM).

In a dual line application, a 1206 or 0805 sized, X2Y Cap will show
approx. 75 PICO! Henries of inductance that could be attributed to the
themselves. This is due to a new patented electrode arrangement.

Best Regards,

Bill Anthony
X2Y Attenuators, LLC.,=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 <mailto:[email protected]>

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