Re: [SI-LIST] : Memory Burn-In Board & Driver's Characteristics

Georg Ramsch ([email protected])
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 09:31:05 +0100

Hello, Kim !

Some Questions:
1) Is it right to assume a slotpitch of 2 inch?
(because you mentioned a net length of 50 inch and a "stub length" (means
slot pitch) of 2 inch.
How long are the stubs (traces from connector to receiver) on the plug in
boards ?
2) It is a straight bus, you have one plug-in-board at one slot, not two ?
Your schematic leaves the possible interpretation of two boards (one from
front, one from rear / or one left, one right, seen from
top). Or is it a main line with "trifurcations" at every slot, and each
"side branch" running to a memory module connector ?

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