Q:Via Capacitance....Re: [SI-LIST] : Pass-through vias as BGA lands (?)

Daniel Roganti ([email protected])
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 08:57:53 +0100

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Would somebody have some info on what the average Via capacitance would
be ?
I recall using a average of 0.5pf per Via.

But now I'm dealing with a 16 Layer PCB and the Vias are 26mils.
Also, I would expect Blind Vias would have less capacitance than a
Thru-Hole Via.

I also recall about the Traces having an average Capacitance of
Would there be any current statistics on this ?

My margin on the Bus Loading is at a minimum.
We're using the MPC8260(Motorola) and the timing is gautanteed at only
50pf if we're expected to run at 66Mhz with 0 Waitstates.

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