Re: [SI-LIST] : viewing the output of LARGE hspice transient runs

Michael Gutzmann ([email protected])
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 17:29:23 +0100

Ray Anderson wrote:
> A quick question to the list, has anyone sucessfully opened
> a large (> 3GByte) .tr0 data file generated by Hspice with the Avant!
> Awaves viewer?
> The simulation is the result of a colleague's overnite oscillator
> startup simulation and seems to have run to completion without errors.
> Awaves claims to be unable to open the file. I've also tried the
> freeware hsview program and got the same error message.
> I know that the Solaris operating system makes a distinction
> between regular (<2Gb) and large files (>2Gb) and this makes me suspicious
> that there may be a fundamental problem in opening the large .tr0 file
> if the viewer wasn't written to account for the need to deal with
> the very large file sizes.
> Relevant comments and/or experiences solicited :)
> -Ray

Hello Ray,

do you really mean 3GByte or 3MByte ?
I got the same problems viewing large .tr* file using awaves, but not
Occasionally I was able to open the .tr* file, but I couldn't find out
But all .tr* files have been readable by using the free hsview program.
So I doubt that this is caused by operating system things.

Additionally I couldn't sometimes open large .tr* files, but <3MByte,
the binary output format (option post=1).

What's your experience SI folks ?

Regards, Michael

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