Re: [SI-LIST] : viewing the output of LARGE hspice transient runs

Kim Helliwell ([email protected])
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 23:41:32 -0800


I've had good luck contacting Avanti's technical
support for problems with Awaves. Daniel Lee
([email protected]) is the AE I've dealt with;
I think there's another AE who supports HSPICE,
but I cannot remember his name.

>3GBytes could presumably be a problem. You obviously
have to have a >3GB swap partition (do you?) in order
to even have a chance of this working, assuming
that Awaves has to read in the whole file and store
all the data at once. And you have to make sure
that you still have > 3GB of swap left before you
start Awaves. And the more physical memory you
have, the better. 2 GB would not be too much. I'm
not sure that a workstation would handle more than
that, but ideally you'd like to have as much physical
memory as you have data to store, so you don't get
hung up swapping every time you redisplay a waveform.
And you better have a very fast machine.

Does Awaves hang, crash, or give an error message?

I'd be willing to bet that Awaves simply cannot handle
that much data at once. Breaking thing up a bit may
be the only solution. But Daniel Lee may be able
to tell you for sure.

Kim Helliwell

Ray Anderson wrote:
> A quick question to the list, has anyone sucessfully opened
> a large (> 3GByte) .tr0 data file generated by Hspice with the Avant!
> Awaves viewer?
> The simulation is the result of a colleague's overnite oscillator
> startup simulation and seems to have run to completion without errors.
> Awaves claims to be unable to open the file. I've also tried the
> freeware hsview program and got the same error message.
> I know that the Solaris operating system makes a distinction
> between regular (<2Gb) and large files (>2Gb) and this makes me suspicious
> that there may be a fundamental problem in opening the large .tr0 file
> if the viewer wasn't written to account for the need to deal with
> the very large file sizes.
> Relevant comments and/or experiences solicited :)
> -Ray
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