Re: [SI-LIST] : viewing the output of LARGE hspice transient runs

Mike Degerstrom ([email protected])
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 13:36:19 -0600


You may be right in that the problem is caused by your large
.tr0 file size. We have had a problem opening .tr0 files that
just might be your problem as well. To verify the problem the
.tr0 file must be written out in ascii rather than in
binary format. I believe the options below will do this.


Sometimes (with larger rather than smaller files) HSPICE adds
an extra character at the end of one of the first few lines
of data (the data immediately follows the curve names). Just
do a 'more' on the file and look for this character to see
if it is your problem. If so, a little script like the
one below will patch up the file. Avanti is aware of this
bug, by the way.

#!/bin/csh -f
awk '{print(substr($0,1,72))}' $1 > aaafixed.tr0


On Feb 5, 9:43am, Ray Anderson wrote:
> Subject: [SI-LIST] : viewing the output of LARGE hspice transient runs
> A quick question to the list, has anyone sucessfully opened
> a large (> 3GByte) .tr0 data file generated by Hspice with the Avant!
> Awaves viewer?
> The simulation is the result of a colleague's overnite oscillator
> startup simulation and seems to have run to completion without errors.
> Awaves claims to be unable to open the file. I've also tried the
> freeware hsview program and got the same error message.
> I know that the Solaris operating system makes a distinction
> between regular (<2Gb) and large files (>2Gb) and this makes me suspicious
> that there may be a fundamental problem in opening the large .tr0 file
> if the viewer wasn't written to account for the need to deal with
> the very large file sizes.

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