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There are also some SI courses offered through the Technical Proficiency
Institute. You can contact them at: 503-628-2315, or email at
[email protected] These are not CBT courses, but straight lecture,

As an instructor of many SI courses, I would like some feedback from the SI
crowd out there in the ether-

Do any of you think CBT (computer based training) courses might be an
effective way of teaching SI? I recognize it might be convenient, but I am
struggling to understand how to make them effective. I have found in courses
that I have taught, as well as taken, that it is the interaction with the
instructor that has been of most benefit. When you are confused about a
small thing, you want it cleared up right then and there, otherwise it is
either distracting or confusing, moving on. I am not sure how this high
level of interaction can be incorporated in CBT.

I'd really like to hear some suggestions on what you would like to see in
the way of a CBT, SI related course. Please feel free to add any comments
you might have on training classes in general. What do you like, what do you
not like and what qualities, features, topics and styles would you prefer to
see in training courses in general?

thanks for your time.


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Moshe Netzer said:

>>Hello all

>>I'm looking for self training material or CBT (Computer Based Training)
>>Signal Integrity issues.
>>Any references or recommendations are welcome.
>>(This is my second call for this issue - No feedback on the first one )

Besser Associates (Los Altos, CA, has a new
course on SI that they're offering in June in California. It's not
self-study or CBT, but it depends on how desperate you are. I don't have
any experience with the course, but they have been offering RF and wireless
design classes for a number of years, with generally good reviews. They
probably have information on the course on their web site.

As others have mentioned, there are a number of good books on the subject,
including those by Johnson&Graham, Buchanan, etc.

Good luck,

Jay Diepenbrock

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