Re: [SI-LIST] : Mutual capacitance and inductance

[email protected]
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 17:32:16 EST

I have had excellent success using a simple DOS-based program from Artech
House publishers. I bought it about five years ago, but find it still
applicable today (it seems that the laws of physics change more slowly than in
just a few years...ha ha). The program is Matrix Parameters for
Multiconductor Transmission lines by Djordjevic, Harrington, Sarkar, and
Bazdar. I have found typical accuracies within 2% of predictions on finished
circuit boards (verified by TDR tests).

A few simple dimensional entries in a menu-led screen will give you (in matrix
form) multi-line calculations of self and mutual inductance, capacitance,
etc., as well as compute and tabulate propagation velocity, effective
dielectric constant, and Zo.

If you want to run simulations, they offer a companion program that will
directly import the matrix parameters and allow you to connect sources and
loads and make runs to obtain crosstalk and the normal SI waveforms.

Mike Conn
Mikon Consulting

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