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Hall, Stephen H ([email protected])
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Thanks for the help, but this is not exactly what I was looking for. I am
looking for formulae for the mutual parasitics for a specific geometry. The
determination of the odd and even mode conditions require that I first
calculate (or measure) the mutuals.

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I hope I can be of assistance to your question.
If you consider 2 coupled lines to be in the odd and even mode
configurations...In the odd mode the potential on one line is the negative
potential of the other line, while in the even mode, both lines have the
same potential. With that, Here we go!
Let Ca be the capacitance of an isolatd line to ground
Then: C(odd)= Ca + 2 Cm and L(odd)= La-Lm and
Z(odd)= square root of (L(odd)/C(odd))

Also: C(even)=Ca and L(even)= La +Lm and
Z(even)=square root of (L(even)/C(even))