Re: RE: [SI-LIST] : Mutual capacitance and inductance

Craig Clewell ([email protected])
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 14:54:04 -0500

I hope I can be of assistance to your question. =20
If you consider 2 coupled lines to be in the odd and even mode configuratio=
ns...In the odd mode the potential on one line is the negative potential =
of the other line, while in the even mode, both lines have the same =
potential. With that, Here we go!
Let Ca be the capacitance of an isolatd line to ground
Then: C(odd)=3D Ca + 2 Cm and L(odd)=3D La-Lm and =20
Z(odd)=3D square root of (L(odd)/C(odd))

Also: C(even)=3DCa and L(even)=3D La +Lm and=20
Z(even)=3Dsquare root of (L(even)/C(even))