[SI-LIST] : Re: [SI-LIST]:Mixing GTLP Tx with GTL Rx

Jack Marshall ([email protected])
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 17:33:18 -0800

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Tony Joyner's question last week got me thinking...

How come the GTLP thresholds are commonly listed as Vref +/- 200mV while GTL
thresholds are Vref +/- 50mV?

Also, sometimes datasheets will show GTLP as Vref +/- 50mV. What gives here?

For example:

TI GTL1655, 16622, 16612 (LVTTL to GTL/GTL+ bus transceivers):
Vih min = Vref +50mV, Vil max = Vref-50mV

Fairchild GTLP6C816A, GTLP16T1655:
Vih min = Vref +50mV, Vil max = Vref-50mV

Xilinx Virtex (from SelectIO App Note):
GTL Vih min = Vref +50mV, Vil max = Vref-50mV
GTL+ Vih min = Vref +200mV, Vil max = Vref-200mV

Anybody know how this is supposed to work?

Thanks, Jack.......

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