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From: Franz Smith ([email protected])
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 02:01:29 PDT

is there anyone interested to compare this 2 interfaces?

I have to connect through a backplane 2 ASICs @2.5Gbps,
and I'm looking for a SerDes block and high speed interfaces.
Both can drive a coax cable or a backplane (stripeline)
carrying data up to 2.5Gbps (3.125Gbps with 8bit/10bit coding?).
The power consumption is reasonable, probably 20mW for the driver (?)
using Vcc=1.8V, but SLVS could work with a lower Vcc.
I think to use a CMOS 0.18um technology, but why not 0.12um?
Do you see any benefit of using external 50ohm resitors?


Vcc >= 800mV, because Voh=400mV (+)
standard Jedec JC-16, under discussion (=)

LV-CML ------ Vcc >= 1.8V (?), because Voh=1.5V (-) standard (?)

As you see there are a lot of "?", but I haven't found much documentation on these to interfaces.

Any comment welcomed.


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