[SI-LIST] : Total Conductive and dielectric Losses for a microstrip trace

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From: Denomme, Paul S. ([email protected])
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 10:22:03 PST

        I am currently working on a job and have a microstrip trace on
GETEK. The trace width is 33 mils 1/2 oz., running at 1GHz, 75 ohms, Dk of
3.9, and Loss tangent of .01. I am trying to calculate the total conductive
loss and the total dielectric losses for this microstrip case. For
conductive losses I obtained 0.189dB/M which seems correct to me. I
obtained this result from Ansoft 2D analyzer. I am also trying to determine
the dielectric losses for this trace but I am not sure if I can use a
formula for this calculation or not. The formula for dielectric loss I have


The Ansoft software gave me an effective Dk of 2.88 which is .74 of the
Dk=3.9. I am thinking that I could use the .74*Losstangent as the effective
loss tangent and
plug in the effective dielectric constant and the effective loss tangent
into the above equation to get the dielectric losses. Can anyone tell me if
I am way off base on this one? or am I right on the money?

I would appreciate any feedback.


Paul S. Denomme
[email protected]

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