When I bought this radio I had no idea what a great
radio it really was. I had a lot of fun putting this radio
together and I learned a lot about following directions.

The pictures below are the guts of the rig from different angles

This picture is a top-down photo of the radio.
You can see the large tuning capacitor attached
to ther front of the main PCB.

The yellow wires spooled up in the center are
the meter connections for a future meter installation.

This is a picture of the JFET VFO section.

This is the output filter section.
Torroids are always a pain to wind (IMHO).
The hardest part for me was understanding
exactly what constitutes a 'turn'.

This is the audio filter board.
This board does not come standard with the kit.

I had some trouble getting the rig working
mostly due to being impatient and not following
instructions. However, Scott at EMTECH was very helpful
in stearing me towards my mistakes.
His customer support was excellent.

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