QW Edginton 40 Meter Antenna

Model: "QW 40m Edginton Loop using Heliax Cap and gimmick trimmer"

View of  the 40m Quarter Wave Loop:
The Heliax cap is the black object at a 45 deg angle with a white 'loop' hanging out of it.  

QW 40m Edginton Loop on Crossed Cane Poles

Looking up at the loop from below:

Looking up at QW 40m Edginton loop

Another view looking up at the loop from below:

Another view looking up at QW 40m Edginton loop

The 10 inch fixed Heliax cap:

The fixed Heliax cap and gijmmick trimmer

The trimmer used with the fixed Heliax cap to tune the whole 40m band:

Top of fixed Heliax cap plus gimmick trimmer

Bottom of cap:

Bottom of Heliax cap

Variable mechanical cap tried earlier. Also note the ferrite transformer (wrapped in the blue tape).
Note how the plates of the cap are hardly meshed.
The Type 43 material ferrite transformer has 3 1/2 Turns on primary (coax) side and 2 Turns on the secondary (antenna) side.

Fixed cap tried eralier and ferrite transformer

Sketch of dimensions: Total length of wire is 8' per side by 4 sides = 32 feet

Sketch of dimensions

BW Measurement and Q calculation:

BW Measurement and Q calculation

WSPR spot result in Japan:

WSPR spot in Japan

WSPR spot result on Russian island east of mainland Russia:

WSPR spot on Russian island