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VHF/UHF Links/Software


How to Stack Yagi ant's on same or different bands by G3SEK

Nesting of Multi-band Stacked Yagis's by EA6VQ

Range tests of different 2 Meter beam's performance

Antenna Gain and Pre-amp noise figures by Central States VHF Society

WINPHASE Software. Calculates phase line length's for coax and heliax for a given freq.
File size 268K by M2 Antenna Systems

Mast Mount Preamp T/R Switching by AH6LE

Source for Smith Chart Software

SWR Software. Calculates VSWR with you know
FWD/REF power. File size 13K

UHF Coax Connectors (PL-259/SO-239) Network Analysis by VK3JEG

Coaxial Connectors 7/16" DIN and typeN info .

Coax and Heliax Attenuation/Power by Frequency by the R.F. Connection

Using 75 Ohm CATV Hardline on VHF/UHF by N1BUG

ATTENUATOR Software. Calculates T or P pads
File size 30K

Cubical Quad Design Software by KD6DKS

DIPOLE Software. Calculates a dipole (any freq.)
File size 3k


2 Meter ERP Calculator Software. Program (DOS but
works in Win95/98 with no problem) 12K file size.  

RF Safety Software. Program computes the safe
distance from antenna for VHF/UHF.161K file size.

WINGRID  by W4SM (grid square distance/bearing sftwr)  

BD 2000 Bearing/Distance DOS Sftwr by W9IP/N1BWT

VHF-DX Logging Software site
You can also download VHF-DX version 4.1.56 here
You will also need to download GRID32.OCX and put it in your c:\windows\system32
directory prior to trying to install VHF-DX version 4.1.56. You can get GRID32.OCX here.

VQLog Logging Sftwr. Sat's,EME, etc. through 99Ghz

PSK31 Home Page (software etc.)

DigiPan (PSK31 Software Download Page)

Sound Card Ham Software page this page has most all sound card software for ham use  

MT63 Home Page (software etc.)

FFT Sftwr Hamview and Spectran   by I2PHD/IK2CZL

FFTDSP Software by AF9Y

FFT Sftwr Spectrum Lab by DL4YHF


Tropo Ducting Web Site by William Hepburn's

Real Time Aurora Map by N1BUG

Grid/State Standings ARRL VHF/UHF/MW/EME

VHF/UHF Beacons list by WZ1V

Nets VHF/UHF in E./S.E. USA

VHF/UHF DX Records

Create a Grid Map of anywhere in the world by W7MD

VHF/UHF [find stations on by grid/bands] + more by VE2PIJ

144 mhz Propagation Logger Web Page Also you can find UHF/EME/MS etc. from there

Ham Radio Schematics online

DUBUS Archives 1982-1992

The Rover Resource Web Site by N9RLA


2 Meter W6PO amp construction article
Look here for missing Fig. 1 schematic for w6po article

Homebrew Amps for 50-144-432-1296 Mhz

Info. on Building High Power Amps by SM5BSZ

Info. on Building Power Supplies for Amps by SM5BSZ

Transistor Amp Bias Ckt. from RGSB Article

Eimac Power Grid Tube product catalog (Spec sheets on their tubes)
On above select PRODUCTS then on that page look for online SHORT FORM CATALOG

Svetlana Tube Database/Spec sheets on their tubes

PentaLaboratories tube products/data sheets

RF Tube Complete Data sheets by G8WRB

"Cool-Amp". Rub on Silver Platingcompound .

AM-6154/55 VHF/UHF Amp conversion repository for 144/220/432Mhz by N1RWY

AM-6154/55 and SB-220 on 6m conversion info by WZ1V

Triode and Tetrode amp protection ckt boards good info on sequencers etc. by G3SEK .


DowKey Coaxial RF Relays

 Kenwood TS-2000/SSB 144mhz MHP-145 preamp/SSB 432mhz SP-7000preamp /using SSB DCW-15b sequencers

Fix for Icom IC-746 144mhz drift w/o adding the optional CR-282 High Stability Crystal Unit by N0UK

How To Adjust Icom IC-706, IC-746, and IC-756 Noise Blankers by W7GJ 

Microwave Modules Transverter Manuals&Schematics

Yaesu FT-847 Power Switch Replacement

Yaesu FT-847 Freq Adjustment