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This is a quick test on 432mhz WSJT. This is a ping received by K9KNW that he sent
to me which I displayed in my WSJT software. I was in EM84ak and K9KNW was
in EL95dx. Distance was 599 miles. I was running 800 watts to a m2 13WL at 85'
and K9KNW was using a 15 element yagi at 50'. No meteor shower at
the time.
Looks like 432mhz daily MS is possible with long skeds and some luck.

*Note - that the ping was +10db and 60ms long
Also note the DF was +195. I think more would have been received if we had been
closer on freq. when the ping was received.


432ping-2.jpg - 73182 Bytes