Service BulletinAmateur Radio Division

Subject: TS-430S - Receiver Internal BeatDate: January 27, 1984

For reports of an internal beat at 20.415 MHz or at 21.526 MHz perform the following modification.
  1. On the RF unit (X44-1510-00) add a short jumper wire from the primary ground of transformer T2 to the primary ground of T3 as shown.
  2. Add a jumper from the ground of the secondary of T3 to the ground side of capacitor C194, as shown.
  3. Solder a jumper from the shield surrounding T1 to the shield surrounding T2, T3 etc. It may be possible to just bridge the two cases together with solder, either way is acceptable.
  4. On PLL unit (X50-1910-00) locate the position shown for capacitor C57. This capacitor was not installed at the factory, install a .01 F 25V disc ceramic capacitor.

This change is applicable to units prior to serial number 407xxxx.

Time required for this modification is 1/2 hour or less.

This modification may be performed in-warranty on a case by case basis.

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