Service BulletinAmateur Radio Division

Subject: TS-430S - 500KHz HeterodyneDate: March 23, 1983

Some users of the TS-430S have reported a heterodyne signal at the 500KHz point on the band. This tone may be reduced or eliminated by the following procedure.

This change is already included in newer models.

Parts required
Qty Description Kenwood parts number
1 .001 F disc cap. CC45B1H102K
1 220 pF disc cap. CC45SL1H221J
1 470 H coil L40-4711-13

  1. Remove top and bottom covers.
  2. Turn radio bottom up and locate PLL unit (X50-1910-00).
  3. Remove the six (6) screws securing the PLL unit to the chassis and fold the unit over, to allow access to the foil side of the circuit board.
  4. Remove the jumper wire that is installed between TP-1 and C6. Install the parallel circuit consisting of the 220 pF capacitor and the 470 H coil in its place. See figure 2.
  5. Install the .001 F capacitor as shown in figure 2.
  6. Reinstall the PLL unit and replace the top and bottom covers.
  7. No alignment is required.

New components are circled in blue.

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