TM-732A Programming Quick Reference

Power On Function Table

Press and hold the indicated keys then press Power On key
VFO ResetVFO/M>V + Power OnResets both VHF and UHF VFOs
VHF VFO ResetVFO + Band Sel V + Power OnReset VHF VFO
UHF VFO ResetVFO + Band Sel U + Power OnReset UHF VFO
Memory ResetMR/M + Power OnResets memory
Chan DisplayREV/STEP + Power OnTurn Channel display ON / OFF
DTSS Xmit TimeSHIFT/DTSS + Power OnChange DTSS code transmission time
Time Out TimerLOW/DIM + Power OnAdjust tuning to select desired time out time
DTMF RemoteC Sel + Power OnSet remote control mode
Clone ModeCALL + SHIFT/DTSS + Power OnEnter cloning Mode. Press PTT on master to clone.
If LOCK was set
If ALL LOCK was set
- ALL LOCK OFFMHz/LOCK + Power OnDisables ALL LOCK (only way out of ALL LOCK)
- uP SquelchMHz/LOCK + Power OnMicro controlled squelch ON / OFF
Signal SquelchBand Sel + Power OnSet remote control
Prog Mic PF KeysMic PF Keys + Power OnPress desired keys to assign to
mic PF keys (CALL/VFO/MR/PF)
PF = MonitorF + Power OnAssign PF key on Mic to Mon function (open squelch)
PF = EnterF + VFO/M>V + Power OnAssign PF key on mic to ENTER function
Mem AllocationF + MR/M + Power OnChange memory allocation
DTMF MemoryF + CALL + Power OnChange DTMF memory (Phone Dialer)
Tone AlertF + SHIFT/DTSS + Power OnToggle tone alert ON / OFF
Musical Freq IndF + TONE/T ALT + Power OnToggle musical freq indication ON / OFF
Auto DIsplay DimF + LOW/DIM + Power OnToggle auto display dimmer ON / OFF
Maintenance ModesF + C Sel + Power OnEnter micro maintenance mode (dangerous!)

F Key (Short) ==> F(S)
Press the F key momentarily and then within 10 seconds press additional key.
F Key (Long) ==> F(L)
Press and hold the F key for 1 second or longer and then press additional key.
F Key (Hold) ==> F(H)
Press and hold the F key and then press additional key.

F Key (Short) Table

F Key (Short) selects alternate definition of key except for the following:
Simultaneous RXF(S) + C SelReceive two signals in the same band simultaneously
Display IntensityF(S) + LOW/DIMSelect the desired display intensity with the tuning control
Change CALL ChanF(S) + CALLCopies selected frequency into the CALL channel

F Key (Long) Table

Scan Hold ModeF(L) + VFO/M>VToggle between Time and Carrier operated scan hold
Mem Chan LockoutF(L) + MR/MLockout memory channel
Auto Power OffF(L) + MHz/LOCKAutomatically turn off after 3 hours of inactivity toggle
Hang TimeF(L) + CALLSelects hang time when in repeater mode
Program DTSSF(L) + SHIFT/DTSSPrograms DTSS / paging codes
Tone Freq SelectF(L) + TONE/T ALTSelect desired tone freq with tuning control
Beep LevelF(L) + REV/STEPSelect desired beep level with tuning control
RepeaterF(L) + MUTE/ABCToggle repeater mode ON / OFF
Squelch ModeF(L) + LOW/DIMToggle between noise and S-meter squelch
Speaker SelectF(L) + C SelToggles external speaker mode
Band ON/OFFF(L) + Band SelToggles selected band ON / OFF

F Key (Hold) Table

Mem Chan ClrF(H) + MR/MErase memory channel
Prog Scan LimitsF(H) + MHz/LOCKSelect scan limit with tuning control then press MR/M
Check Scan LimitsF(H) + VFO/M>VCheck scan limit setting
VFO Low LimitF(H) + CALLSelect VFO low limit then press any key
VFO High LimitF(H) + SHIFT/DTSSSelect VFO high limit then press any key
Paging AnswerF(H) + TONE/T ALTToggles paging answerback ON / OFF
Paging CancelF(H) + REV/STEPCancel paging
AM / FM DetectorF(H) + MUTE/ABCToggles between AM and FM receive mode
S-Meter Sq HoldF(H) + LOW/DIMSelect desired squelch hold time with tuning control
Mic Remote ControlF(H) + C SelToggle remote control via mic ON / OFF