Service BulletinAmateur Radio Division

Subject: TM-732A - Control PC Board B+ Foil DamageDate: March 28, 1994

Unable to turn on the power. No DISPLAY illumination, radio does not function.

The B+ circuit foil path near connector CN403 of the CONTROL Unit is burned open. This symptom can occur when the front panel is unplugged from the main chassis while the power is still turned on. Adding a resistor in series with the "B" line will help to limit current flow and prevent/limit this symptom from occurring.

Parts Required:
New Part No.
Circuit Description
1 4.7 ohm chip resistor R92-1281-05 R290

On the TX-RX Unit (X57-4000-xx/B4) cut the PC Board trace from the "B" line on CN203 that goes to the DC 13.8 Volt line. Install the 4.7 ohm resistor across this cut.

This modification requires soldering equipment rated for CMOS type circuits. It also requires familiarity with surface mount soldering techniques. If you do not have the proper equipment or knowledge do not attempt this modification yourself. Seek qualified assistance.

Time required for this modification is 60 minutes or less. Service code A:01 B:X57-4000 C:R290 D:91

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