Service BulletinAmateur Radio Division

Subject: TM-732A/E - Change in Chip Fuse RatingDate: May 10, 1993

Parts Change:
Change the chip fuse from 1A to 1.2A in the 430 MHz Unit (X57-4000-11 B/4) whenever servicing this board.

Parts Required:

Kenwood Part No.
Circuit Description
1 Chip Fuse, 1.2 Amp F53-0095-05 F201
This modification requires soldering equipment rated for CMOS type circuits. It also requires familiarity with surface mount soldering techniques. If you do not have the proper equipment or knowledge do not attempt this modification yourself. Seek qualified assistance.

Time required for this modification is 15 minutes or less. Service code A:01 B:X57-4000-11 B/4 C:F201 D:91

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