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WPE'ers say...



I do not understand why I remember mine as I never used it for anything and I have forgotten all about it. But it popped into my mind. WPE7AAY, Colin Lamb, K7FM


Marvin Born, WPE8CLT, also KF8XU


I had WPE7BJZ back in 1962, while I was working on my Novice Ham ticket (got KN7VZH in Feb. 1963). Regards, Larry Johnson, K7LJ


I was an avid SWL prior to getting my ticket when I became a citizen in1963. I believe my call was WPE2AQD. As I recall there was even a newsletter for SWL guys with WPE calls. I may even have copies around someplace. Thanks for the memories. 73 - Mike, N4FS


I was WPE4FVS. Had a qso with W4FVS a few days ago an related that to him. I think I still have the certificate here somewhere. Steve, N4LQ


Saw ur post on the newsgroup abt the wpe calls...man, that was a blast fm the past!! I still have mine hanging in the shack, WPE3GXI issued 1-2-66. Didn't have an sw set at the time, but did get 20 states confirmed on the medium wave bands using an old admirl clock radio and an endorsement to prove it. Boy, those were the days, eh? 73. Jay, N3DQU.


My SWL callsign was/is WPE7CTK...Regards, Mike Student, W7MS


Yes! I am WPE8ALC. Al - K8EUR


That posting brought memories. I was (am?) WPE2HKG. Even had a neat little plastic sign with my WPE call sign on it. Remembered the thrill when I submitted some sw loggings, and my name and "call sign" were printed in Popular Electronics. I think I saved one of those issues from the 60's. 73. Tom, N3VUF


Yes, I still have mine in a frame! I was WPE9EJR. 73, Don Allen W9CW, Urbana, IL


I am WPE9JRL. Got my call in about 1967 and still have my tattered certificate somewhere around the house. I was 13 years old then. Shortwave was vibrant and exciting. My listening post consisted of a Knight Span Master, Star Roamer and a Mayfair 3" reel- to-reel tape recorder. I would listen to the AM'er hams and dream about the day that I could join them. Finally did in 1971 when I got my Novice ticket. Seems so long ago now. We used to surf the airwaves the way kids surf the Internet now. I was the most informed kid in my Grade School class after a heavy dose SWL'ing news and world events every night. My triumph was when Radio South Africa read my letter on one of their DX shows. RSA sent me the actual script used by the announcers when they read my question and commented on it. They sent the script about six weeks in advance and told me when it would "air". I was on pins and needles til the night I tuned it in. Glorious, magic days! Pat Keogh /WB9GKZ Green Bay, WI


I was WPE4JUW around '68 or '69; unfortunately I lost the certificate but I have a photo of it hanging on the wall. Maybe you can get the dates the identifiers were issued; how about historical anecdotes---receivers and equipment used...Sincerely, Mark


There was a "considerable" thread on this some months ago (maybe a year) which was started by Pat, WB9GKZ. You might check archives on DejaNews. I don't think it was in the boatanchors newsgroup, however. Anyway...put me down on your list. 73, Bill, W9NHQ / WPE9GUP / ex-WA9NHQ


My memory tells me I was WPE5CTN, but can't find any documentation of that. Wish I could find the Lafayette HE-10 I used!!! 73, Don, WB5HAK


Hi, I was WPE3BAT----Larry




YES. I am WPE2AAE. Russ Sherry. WA2GWV


Yes! I am WPE8ALC. Al - K8EUR


Your posting brought memories. I was (am?) WPE2HKG. Even had a neat little plastic sign with my WPE call sign on it. Remembered the thrill when I submitted some sw loggings, and my name and "call sign" were printed in Popular Electronics. I think I saved one of those issues from the 60's. 73. Tom, N3VUF


I missed the original WPE callsigns in Popular Electronics. I think it was Hank Bennet who was administering the WPE program for the magazine. After the change in format in Popular Electronics in the early 1970's, Hank Bennet continued with the program with the new prefix of WDX. Roman, WDX2RNZ (N2CDD) Belford, NJ


Hi Joe, Yes, I sure do remember those call signs. I probably even have my certificate somewhere in the files. I held WPE2CVZ way back in the 1959-1960 time frame. I lived in Oceanside , Long Island, NY at the time (as a child, hi hi) Present call is K2DP, located in the St. Louis area now. 73 and GL with the project, Dave Propper.


It's amazing that this topic just came up on the boatanchor group. I just got a qsl card from a WPE listener this week; first I've heard of that since the 60s. Mike, N4PDY

I'm WPE8GEF from about 1962 from southern West Virginia. I began listening on a mid-30s Zenith table model BC/SW radio and later went to a Knight R-100 from Allied's used equipment list. I picked up my Novice call in late 1963 at age 14. Dave Heil K8MN


I was WPE8AEJ. I still have the certificate, filled in with ballpoint pen. Got it in '60 or '61, before I got my novice ham ticket (WN8BRS, later WA8BRS). I recall sending in an SWL report on an African station that had announced its new Interval Signal, and it was printed, with my WPE callsign. Pretty thrilling for a kid. Chuck Reti WV8A Detroit,MI


Well Folks, I'll add my story to the list of (now) almost-old geezers who revelled in the WPE Program. I am from South Western Ontario originally, and was assigned VE3PE1ZE, and still have the certificate in pretty nice condition! Now I'm VE4ANC, located just west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The rig has sure changed since then! At the time, I was using a converted second world war aircraftradio...the Bendix RA-10-DB. My dad had done the conversion to 110 AC but transformer was undersized. When I ran it in the summer. I had to have the rear of the chassis hanging outside on the windowsill to avoid overheating the transformer and blowing the fuse during daytime DX'ing!!!

At night it was cool enough I could drag it inside so the mosquitoes didn't get into my room. Then I finally had enough paper route money to pay $25 for a converted Marconi R-1151 which purportedly came from a Lancaster bomber.....that was a lot of papers delivered, lawns cut, and money begged from Grandma, to get that radio.

Many, many, rigs later, I am now into Collins equipment....saw my first one when I was about 12....couldn't imagine the kind of job someone would have to have held to afford one. It would have been about 115 years worth of paper route money!

I am still very interested in radio, and own a low power FM station. You can see the site....and some good antenna/transmitter picures by looking at: http://www.ckvn.com All the best! 73 de Lee Smith VE4ANC.


I was (still am) WPE9FFD. They later sent another certificate and I became WDX9FFD. It sure would be nice to see a list of us published. A few years ago, some one tried to start a data base of the WPE calls. This was on the Boatanchors mailing list. It sort of went away after a few days. The interest was very high at the beginning. I dont have my certificate handy, but I remember Pop 'Tronics saying that the WPE prefix was getting to close to amateur call sign prefixes and that they were being forced to change them to WDX one. I don't have documenation to back that up, but it was around 1969 or so. If you are interested, I can scan my WDX cert and mail it to you. It's safely put away with my SWL QSL cards from the 1960s. Good luck with the project. Dennis, W9DAD


Hi, WPE2FZN here......Tim, NZ8J


Hi Joe. Have WPE3EZX. Jim WA3APC. Wallingford, CT


Now there's some real nostalgia. I was WPE9GYC and still have mine from1960. PE used to be a great magazine. Mike


Wow...I thought those brain cells were long gone. Just goes to show that synaptic activity can be revived! Circa 1961-1962 I was WPE2IYK. I have no idea how or why I remember that...but I do remember being bit by the radio bug. I probably did much of my early SWL with a Hallicrafters SX110, while I studied for my novice. Thanks for the memories and it was neat to see so many others similarly nostalgic! 73, Dan K0DAN


Just a few days ago a friend and I were on 6 meters talking about our old days as sw listeners. He mentioned PE, and I came right back with my call of WPE4ELC. I can't remember what he said his was, but we both remembered them. I had a little plastic callsign display that came with my certificate. 73. Ed, W4KMA


Heres mine: WPE3FUI That brings back lots of memories. Sorry to say I can't find the certificate..Wonder if I could get a copy?.. 73's. Dane Engle, NR3N


My name is John Vercellino. I hold WPE9IAN. Got started in SWLing back when I was 12 or 13. I rescued an old console radio from the trash and had a ball with it. I had a Knight-Kit Span Master, R100A, and then got my Novice license, WN9RCF. Presently hold WB9OVV, and I still like to play with the old Knight-Kit stuff. I did manage to pick up some "grown-up" receivers, namely a R-390A and a Hallicrafters HQ-180A. Thanks for taking the time to set up this web site!


The whole call idea was started by Joe P Morris, who I think, was a member of NNRC. Hank Bennett, who was the SW editor of NNRC, took over the calls as a promotion for Popular Electronics. Anyone who remembers PE from the 50's & 60's remembers it as a great SWL mag, full of LOW-COST projects. I go back even further, to the days when Ken Board was SW editor of Radio & TV News (became Electronics Now). He was also the first SW editor of PE. WPE calls came AFTER Joe P. Morris stopped issuing WDX calls in early 60's / late 50's. Hank Bennett took over issuing certificates, as Popular Electronics SWL editor. I was WDX3AK, then WPE3AK. Joe issued a small, 5 x 7" certificate, Hank's was 8 x 10". This was the golden age of SWLing, when stations were in many more countries, & the Newark News Radio Club was the number one club in the USA. I heard over 150 countries on a Philco 37-650, circa 1937, back in the 50's / 60's. Ed Kowalski, WDX3AK / WPE3AK / K3PRE


I like your web site! 73, Bill, W9NHQ / WPE9GUP


I was WPE2NMZ in the '60's. I was then WN2WRP, WB2WRP, N4MWQ and now KB8ZUA. For some reason or other, I have an interest in BA shortwave receivers....


My WPE call sign is WPE4FBN. My certificate is not as good looking as yours is. The name and call were not typed in but were hand written! But then mine is from about 1961-62 and maybe "Pop-Tronics" did not have enough typwriters to go around, HI, HI. My ham call signs in chronological order are: 1961 - WN4DNJ, 1962 - WA4DNJ, 1978 - AA4N, 1985 - KV3A, 1987 - NZ8K, 1996 - K7YX. 73. Reid Simmons, K7YX Beaverton, OR


My buddy K0DAN turned me on to your site--What a great bit of memorabilia from the 'old days.' I used to be WPE2JXV (I think). I remember the call being a morse code nightmare but since I never had to send it, it wasn't a big problem. I do remember my old SX110 and I up late at night, snooping all over the spectrum listening to whatever was out there--exciting times for a 12 year old. Now I'm KM6IA, still into radio, still into DX--now with a few more shekels for some better gear.


I had one in the early 60's. It was WPE4GVE. I was probably around 11 or 12 years old at the time. It brought back memories thinking about that time. I don't have any of the original paperwork though. I remember that I had a rubber stamp made with that call on it. It was about the length of a post card and about an inch or inch and a half tall. I used it with a blue ink pad and made my QSL cards. I had an RCA Brainmaster radio. It had a wood case. I took it out of the case and moved it elsewhere. It had one of those green eye tubes with it. I still have all the QSL cards that I received from that time. I remember on Saturday's that I would go out and look for the mailman, who was many blocks away, just to see if I received any QSL cards. Normally we didn't get mail delivery until late in the afternoon. I eventually got my ham ticket WN4TXW. That was changed to WB4TXW. When I got my Extra class I got a 1x2 vanity call. It is now W4EC. 73's Daryl Noel. W4EC


WPE3RSH, Rick Hiller West Reading PA. Also then WN3OCV. Now W5RH in Houston 73...Rick


Yup, was one of them too. Got mine in early 1960's .. can't remember the exact date. Anyway, was located at Tofino Airport on the west coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia. Had access to the recievers used by the Marine Radio Station. Had a National NC-1? Communications Reciever .. big brute ... connected to a 1000' commercial grade long wire antenna. The Station Technician made up an antenna tuner --- did lot's of SWLing. Remember that I sent QSL cards to Radio Moscow, and they sent a whole pile of propaganda. At the time my father was in the RCMPolice, and the internal RCMP investigation boys came and asked me a whole pile of questions. Happy memories of the old days. Stephen D. Green, VE7PE5M


WPE4KKE here. Got this while still in High School in St. Petersburg, FL. After a detour through the Citizen's Band (KDT-9645), I got my Novice ticket in 1974 (WN4LQO). Upgraded to Tech in 1976 (WA4LQO), Advanced in 1982, and Extra Class in 1991. Am now W4WLR. Thanks and vy 73 de Will Rogers


WPE6FXQ, Don Davis, around 1964 or so. I had a friend in Jr High school, Larry Andrade who was WPE6FXS. He's probably dead or in jail somewhere tho.....


I received the registration WPE9BOB, boy was I thrilled when it came back matching my name. I signed up right when they began issuing them, so I am not sure they were concerned with issuing the serially at first. 73's Bob, W4RLC


WPE2JTC....Now WB2PAG..Was there a Callbook of all the WPE Call signs? I wonder if P.E. keep a record of all the WPE's issued? 73 DX John WB2PAG/K4LIB


Received WPE7ATO as a young lad in Coos Bay, Oregon. Had a Knight Kit "Ocean Hopper" and later upgraded to a National NC-60. Spent many a night dragging in signals from around the world and waiting patiently for the QSL cards. Received 3W8PE1B while stationed with the USAF in Viet Nam in the mid-60's. Although I was able to tune around from time to time using fancy rack-mounted Collins gear, my SWLing receiver in "The Hut" was a Hallicrafter WR-3000 transistorized multiband receiver. Had a longwire antenna draped along the rooftops of neighboring huts, and used a pair of modified HiFi stereo headphones for listening late at night. 73, Dave Williams, Sterling, Virginia - K7HMP


I was VE3PE2HB (lived in Ontario in the 60's). 73, Ron Sibbitt, N8LMT(also ex-VE3CKU) Croswell, MI 48422


I still remember! Although I never got my amateur call I still remember being WPE0EVO. Thanks, Kevin Gallagher, Emigrant Mont.


Me, too. Ed Gable K2MP/W2AN. Curator - AWA Museum. Proudly: WPE2JR (Gee... three - 2 letter calls !) 73, /Ed


Jozef WB2MIC here in Wells, VT. My entire family is licensed, wife Jeanne KA1PMS, daughter Guinnevere KA1ZWK, son Dylan N1UKP. For your records I was WPE2HFQ. Having callsigns for listening posts was common in Europe as one had to have logged RX time in order to qualify for a ham radio license in some countries. I still listen to the same short-wave stations today that I did back then 36 years ago as a kid when I was WPE2HFQ and I still use a 1950's Zenith Transoceanic (in addition to some newer gear). All the best. Jozef


I was WPE3BGU at age 12 with a Knight Kit Span Master ! Have been K(n)3USC since 1962 ! Also trustee for W3DXR. 73, Brian Hemmis, Erie,PA


I was WPE2GXL back in the 1960s in The Bronx, New York. I had a Lafayette HE-30 which worked like a dream and brought in many, many fascinating hours of DXing. I got my novice ticket in 1965 (?) as WN2TJG and added a Hallicrafters HT-40 kit. College and a career in music caused me to let it all fall by the wayside, but a few years ago I became (once again) a serious SWL and now have a JRC NRD-535/D which I thoroughly enjoy. My preference is Aero and RTTY work but just about anything on SW still gives me a thrill. 73s. Ken Maltz. Syosset, NY


WPE9FDJ here.PAW ([email protected]) Check our site for mikes, ham, video, etc. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/w9jmn


I'm WPE1EAB. Go the "call" back in the early 60's if memory serves me correctly. Had a Hallicrafters S-38E then. Still have the radio and the WPE certificate. Both are collecting dust at my parent's home in Maine. Roger


WPE2QJZ. Yes, That was my call. I lived in Rockland County, NY and I think I threw it out about 10 years ago. Maybe someday I will be surprised when I open some old book! Mike. KQD-2283, and finally KA2WBG.


I was WPE4DRP......73, John KM4TI


Wow!!!!! What a blast from the past! I was WPE1CWP; a long time ago...Ed Zawacki. I thought having that designation was the greatest at the time. Wish I still had my certificate. I still have my QSL cards from the early 60s however. Hallicrafters S-38E and after that a Hammarlund HQ-100. Ed


I went the route of the "WDX" identifier which was issued by the author of "The Shortwave Handbook" back in the 60's. I was WDX3IKE.


I was WPE1HOE (Bob Raymond). My brother, Greg Raymond, was WPE1HRW. 73, Bob Raymond, NE1I


Mine -- WPE5DWC. Hubert Beavers (then in Albuquerque, NM)


WPE2FVP. Your exactly right -- funny how we remember these things ! Lars, WB2ORD


My WPE call was WPE2GLV in the early 60's when I lived in Mt. Holly, N.J. I think I still have my certificate around here somewhere? Great fun to remember those days....73,Alan, W3BV


I saw your newsgroup posting and went to you WPE web page. For some odd reason, I think I also remember my WPE call from 1966 or 1967: WPE1HOX. I got my ham ticket in 1968. Being an incurable packrat, I bet I even still have the certificate around somewhere. From reading the comments on your web page, I guess I should get it out and frame it! 73, John W1JA


Yes, I remember them, too! I was even a WPE concurrent with my Novice Ham license in the early '60s. I was WPE8CEV. I think I even had QSL cards made (I wonder if I have any left anywhere...). Mark Nelson, AJ2X


Yes! I was in high school - but over the years I've lost my cert and logs and don't remember my call. Hope you guys get the original database available so us "lost souls" can get a replacement or at least find our calls again. Regards, Chuck Schwark, Chicago, IL, Antique Radio Club of Illinois (Elgin)


I had forgotten all about this. I was a WPE also, over 70 countries confirmed. I still have the QSL cards around here somewhere....John Jenkins


Mine was WPE3BOZ when I was near Ocean City, MD. Got it when I was 12 and used a Hallicrafters S-38E. Frank.


Yep, still remember mine that I got at age 13 when I lived in Pennsylvania - WPE3EOT. Started listening to SW on an old 30s vintage Sparton console radio I got from the curbside that a neighbor was throwing out in 1962. Had the old loctal tubes and a dynamic speaker (which I had to get reconed). Graduated from that to a Hallicrafters SX-25 (which I wish I still had - oh well). Presently using a Rat Shack/Sangean DX-398 and contemplating the purchase of a good desktop model general-coverage radio (though buying goodies for my computer system always seems to get in the way :)) Regards, Bill Bowen.


I was a loyal PopTronics reader throughout the mid-60s, but by the time I got around to applying for a WPE call, they had changed to WDX. I became WDX1IDA. Howard


I was WPE8QY..in '58 or '59..I've been a ham since '59..started out as an SWL , tnx , for the memories of the old days. I'm now K8SJS...73 es..gl...Dave


Am WPE3KA. Got it March 1959. Had it laminated and has hung on my shack wall for the last 40 years. Started with an S-38E. I did upgrade in the summer of 1959 to an SX-110. Now use Kenwood R-5000. Have a box full of swapped listener cards with the WPE letters on them. A little story about my early SWLing days: I was 16 in 1959 and was doing a lot of listening to the low frequency military. Some really strange type calls. In 1962 I became a radar operator on the USS Enterprise. When I got to the radar shack, printed on the tote boards were many of the call signs I used to listen to. During my time there I got to talk to many of the ones I listened to as an SWL. 73, Don, WA3OWD


Me too - I was WPE2DDV and still have the certificate and a plastic desk ornament with the letters. Linda


I am putting a link to your page on my web site. From time to time, the "WPE" callsign subject comes up on our swl net (ANARC SHORTWAVE LISTENERS NET) and also in IRC Chat #SWL (via effnet). 73, and you're welcome to join us when you can. Dave Kirby N1DK. http://www.n1dk.com


For years I had a tool kit with tools I used for building electronics projects or circuit repairs, and on it's cover in Dymo label blue with white letters it read WPE1GJI. Along with a few ancient notebooks holding my precious radio logs, it was the only thing that reminded me of my PE call. Yet, somehow I really never forgot it. Pete Costello - Shortwave/Radio Catalog http://itre.ncsu.edu/radio/


I was WPE2JUB. I NEVER liked those letters, so I never contributed. My friend George was WPE2JPN, now those letters I liked. - "Big Steve" Coletti. (A Different Kind Of Oldies Show on WBCQ, 7415kHz Shortwave. Saturday Evenings at 6:30 EST, 2330 UTC)


WPE6AA. I rcvd the above call sign in the 1960's. Prior to that I was WRO1AA and presently I am WDX6AA. I started in the 1950's with a Hallicrafters S-38C! Now use a Kenwood R5000. I am still enjoying the hobby. Stewart-California


Mine was WPE1GCI, Chris Lobdell, Tewksbury, MA 01876


I was WPE4IDS, issued in about 1967 when I was 14. Recently found my old certificate, and the WDX 'upgrade' both ruined by water in my stored junk. Weren't there some little certificates for things like '10 States Verified'? Now I'm WX4A, but spend alot of time browsing the SW freqs. -Bill Meacham


Hey pretty cool. I was WPE8FLZ. I'm now KC8HMJ and I listen more than I talk. I use a DX 394,2010 and a R8B. Come to think of it I'm quite sure that I have some old qsl cards that I sent out from Texas when I was swling there. While there I belonged to IRCA and plan to rejoin.I have fun hamming on 2 meters,listening on lw. to scanner freqs. Now concentrating on am/dx especially the tests,they're posted on the I.R.C.A. web site,dx midamerica etc.I believe the next one is on the 8th of this month. - RICH in Mich. KC8HMJ and still proudly WPE8FLZ


Greetings, I had WDX5FNT. Marcel Livesay in Heavener, OK. I'v lost my certificate over the years and am wondering if it is possible that ther is a way to get it reissued? I mean that is if they still do that kind of thing? I'm now N5VU. Just wondering. - Marcel, N5VU.


I was lucky enough to hold 2 WPE calls: WPE4IXS and WPE9IQF. The 4 call was from St. Petersburg, FL, back in 65/66. When I moved back to Indiana, I got the 9 call.

Reading through the various responses, to answer Mike, N4FS/WPE2AQD: There was a follow up group, so to speak, with a newsletter. It was "The Great Circle Shortwave Society". It was run by Dr. DX, Harold Cones, WPE4OO, I believe was his call. Doc and I have been discussing the possibility of restarting the GCSWS again.

I had a 3 tube Hallicrafters receiver, which I bought with money from high school graduation. I opened it up, and found a factory reject tag inside. Didn't matter, I had a ball. My WPEing led to what was without a doubt, my best job ever. I was a transmitter tech. at the VOA Bethany Relay Station for 10 years. In that time, I did the QSLing for the site, and overflow stuff from Washington. 73 to all, John, K9HSP, WPE4IXS, WPE9IQF.


Hi. Just logged onto your page. My WPE call sign in the 50's was WPE1IW. I am now N1CKQ. 73, Gene Molter


WPE0BPT. A call I will never forget. Had QSL's made at RussPrint, really sharp looking black and silver cards. Wish I had a few of them around today. KA0AMA -- Mike Martin, Patrolman, Monroe P.D., Iowa. [email protected]


Bill Harms Spokane, Washington (location when call was assigned) WPE7CZX


I got my WDX1IEB back in 1959 or 1960 and was using an old Hallicrafters SX-120 receiver. I now use an Icom R71A and been a short-wave listener for over 45 years. The web site brings many memories back of the good old radio days. Ken MacLeod , WDX1IEB.


Hi.... I'm WPE8JFM... still have the certificate and also a big sign I made in high school with the same "call" letters on it! BTW, my 15 year old daughter has the call WARC8APO from the Archie (as in the comic book) radio club... I think ARRL did those about ten years ago! 73's... Steve Koons, WPE8JFM, WD8DCX, X-WN8ZHY, Dayton, Ohio


I enjoy the webpage very much. My 1972 "callsign" is WDX9KHY, and I had SWL cards I sent to hams I heard (got about an 85 pct reply rate as I recall). All done with a portable Sony RX with a BFO thrown on as an afterthought and a piece of bell wire hung over a tree limb. 73, Greg


WPE7CXI, Seattle, Washington in the late 60's. Jim Miles


My call was WPE8IKB. I received the certificate in December of 1964. I was15 years old. I also have a photo of my station and a copy of my certificate if anyone is interested. Thanks Joe for this page. Doug, K8DK. Sterling Heights, Mi.



Hiya Joe! I wuz WPE0DEN and I had a Sky Buddy II, too! I put it together from a kit. Was my first radio and my first kit. Worked great as soon as I fired it up! Boy....t'would sure be nice is SOMEONE could re-issue a certificate with the calls on it. I would gladly pay a not-too-exhorbitant fee to someone for that service! Take care my friend es 73 de Dan -- WA0JRD ..WPE0DEN


Who would have ever guessed. Found my SWL callsign on some correspondence returned from Popular Electronics with their reply on the back. WPE7CTN! I know by the postmark I had it in 1968. I was using a Marconi desktop receiver, big glass dial with a warm golden glow. Stepped up to a 7 transistor Sony after that. DE KB7PKC, Glenn


Greetings! Greg Raymond, KA1INX alias WPE/WDX1HRW. Still have the ol' WDX Certificate on the wall in the shack! Remember the old certificates that had places to affix the award stickers? Unfortunately, I tossed the old WPE when I got the WDX. Still have some individual 1/2 size award certificates also. Thanks to Hank, WDX2FT who made it interesting. Just wondering... if you have any of the old pop ele mags. I think my picture was in 1970 or 1971 Jan or Feb Issue. I think the issue had a guitar player on it...I would dearly love to find out which issue I was in so I can hopefully get a copy. I was shown with a Realistic DX-120 receiver. Thanks, Greg Raymond, KA1INX (back then from Bradford Massachusetts) WPE/WDX1HRW.


Hello...Boy, did this bring back memories! Now I'll have to get up to the attic and see if I can find the certificate!Craig Carter, WPE6HRT, Kerman California at that time, Now in Clovis CA. Thanks! Craig WB6RMP


Hi, Actually I had two WPE registrations WPE2AWH and WPE2CEO. As an impatient kid I was sure they had lost my first application after about two weeks and so I sent them another application. I therefore received two certificates. The "instant gratification" syndrome was alive and well even in the early 60's. I don't think my certificate was as fancy as the one you have posted. I'll try to find mine and send you a scanned copy. Rich, WB1ASL


Hi... I became WPE4KJA back around 1969/70. I acquired my first shortwave receiver which didn't have a handle, a Realistic DX120 for Christmas 1969. My DX'ing was mostly MW until 1971, when I got hooked on TVDX, a pursuit I still occasionally dabble in when time, mood, and conditions coincide. I still SWL on occasion, chasing clandestines, pirates, numbers stations, and other unusual DX. Interesting to note that the main SWL RX I have today does have a handle: An Icom R-71A! It has been seriously modified with goodies like tight filters on AM/SSB/CW, pre-amp enable on MW, and other odds and ends. Unlike my "WPE" days, I finally got my ham ticket and occasionally chase DX and contest. I also enjoy six meters although it's been awhile since I last fired up my SB-110. My hamming and SWL'ing takes a back seat to my work, and my farm! 73, WD4EBY


I just viewed your WPE page. Brought back some memories. In 1977 I got myself one of those WDX callsigns, from Hank Bennett in New Jersey. By '77 this was no longer connected with Popular Electronics magazine. I don't remember having to send copies of QSLs to get the certificate. Just some mint U.S. stamps or a sase. My "callsign" was VE3DX1JAY The "JAY" was for the Toronto Blue Jays. Yes, they did have VEs for Canada. I haven't used my WPE call for more than 20 years. I still have the certificate, though it's no longer posted on the wall of my dx shack. Please visit my DX page at http://webhome.idirect.com/~aum108/dx.html 73 Mike Brooker 99 Wychcrest Ave.,Toronto, ON M6G 3X8 CANADA (416) 536-7406


Howdy Joe, I enjoy the WPE webpage a lot. Great to hear when Receivers didn't have computers attached to 'em, As I recall when I got my "Call" which is WDX9KHY, the requirement was an applicant had to have 5 QSL's, 1 of which had to be from overseas. After Popular Electronics quit doing it Hank Bennett (W2PNA as I recall) took it on himself. (Now running an Icom R72 and Grunding YB400PE), how it's all changed since my mighty Sony TFM1600B portable I got at age 15) Take care 73 Greg WB9MII/WDX9KHY Illinois


In 1964, while growing up in Sarasota, Florida; I became WPE4IAX. My first receiver was an old junk NC-57 which blew up, and was replaced by a Lafayette HE-30. My listening interests where shortwave broadcast and mediumwave. Although I had an interest in ham radio back then; most of my effert was devoted toward a career in broadcasting. Now 35 years later, I am active in ham radio, retired fro broadcasting, and still enjoy the SWL hobby. 73 de Steve Kennedy, W4MGY


I was WDX1IDS (very close to "IDX"...), in Massachusetts back in the 70's. I now live in London, UK, but still have the certificate and all my QSL cards, pennants, and such. Dragged them from Mass. to New York, to Chicago, to San Francisco, and now to London. Don't DX any more, though; getting into computing as a career killed that.

Chris Hansen, London, UK. Chris



Hello , I am WDX1IEB and was issued my certificate 12-12-82 and still use it on the short-wave receptions. I have been a Short-wave listener since 1950 and still very active in it at age 54. Hope you update your info soon. Ken MacLeod WDX1IEB (WDX1 I Eat Beans)



I was WPE9OM. Licensed ham in 1957 as K9KJP. Gary



Hello there Joe ... I remember getting mine in 1964..I think. It was WPE3EYY. I am glad I didn't get that as a ham call. 73 Tom Popovic KI3R Port Vue Pa.



Nice site, Joe. I was WPE9GHF with a Hallicrafters SX-25 (which I still operate!). Started a club in early 80s called Great Circle Shortwave Society based around the WPE program. Ran the club for four years but unfortunately it did not survive. Vern Weiss, WPE9GHF, Still. And W9STB, too.



Hi Joe, My WPE "call" was WPE1CBV. I still have a few QSL cards from those days in the early-mid sixties. Starting off as a broadcast band DXer, later moving to short-wave, using a Heathkit AR-3 receiver and a long wire. Anyone remember REMCO Kits? I later earned my amateur radio license. During my tours in the Navy, I worked in

the area of communications. Returning to civilian life, I taught technology in a middle school for 30 years. I designed one of the first Communications Labs for radio/tv/computers in the country, a program which has garnered many honors. Our school's amateur radio club has graduated over 700 new hams. Not bad for a community with only, 16,000. So there you have it, a lifelong fascination with radio communications all starting with a WPE certificate that hung in my shack. 73 Pete, KZ1Z



Hi, Joe, I was WPE2PQQ back in the mid/late '60s in Brooklyn, NY. Have been WA2EIO since 1968 when in H.S. 73 Ron



Man, yes I remember those days! What a Blast these kids are missing today, Hi! I was WPE2DNN outta Manhattan, NY. Richard Lucchesi. Now WA2RQY since 1961. You brought back many fond memories with my S-38E receiver. Thanks joe es 73....Rich WA2RQY (1961) [email protected] "Keep those heaters on" WA2RQY's "confusion Radio" Web-Page Http://members.aol.com/rlucch2098/index.html



WPE2DOY (Livingston, New Jersey) before I got my first license. Best regards. David KB7ZZ ex WN2DWM



Hello, I have been a SWL listener since 1971 and a ham operator since 1987. I am N9HYI. I did not realize there were other people out there besides me who cared to register as a SWL. My sign is WDX9KBM and I have always used it in corresponding with shortwave stations around the world. I even have it printed on my Amateur Radio QSL card.

I have never gotten a card back with anyone else using theirs. Great website...glad you're out there. Donna Slaughter



Mine was WPE9GYC and I still have the certificate. Mike Freitag from at the time Hometown,IL



While looking for "Sangean Factory Service" I stumbled upon your WPE

site! WOW, talk about a blast from the past! I was WPE8IRL. Cleveland

in the early & mid 60's. My dad drove me way on the west side to buy a

used Hallicrafters S-120. We started just using the telescopic antenna

that came with it, but quickly went to a "long wire" deal in the attic.

What a lot of fun those days were. I feel bad that I don't have the

certificate, but worse that I don't have the "shiny, metallic colored

awards" we'd get for so many states, or provinces or countries verified.

I think I had about 30 states,30 countries, and 6 or so provinces

verified. Some shortwave stations, many BCB stations, and a lot of hams

helped. Thanks to all those operators. And thanks to you Joe for the

opportunity to think about the good old days when we all were younger.

Phil Raczka [email protected]



Hi Joe, I was WPE4AIX and WPE4APJ and used to report to Hank Bennett's column in PE in the early 60s. I began SWL DXing in 1958 with a Knight kit Space Spanner. I was a membver of the NNRC and the Universal Radio DX Club. I'm still an occasional SW DXer and a QRP-CW amateur radio enthusiast (since 1991). My amateur call is AA8MI. I wish I still had my WPE certificates but, alas, I through them out in a clean-out-the-place fury. Thanks for the site, Gene Pearson


WPE4LS Still got mine in Frame. Very proud of it. Charles Leidner, Pensacola, Fl.


Hi: The name is Dave , sorry I was'nt a WPE but on a very similar vein and heavily involved in SWLing as well as Citizen RADIO , I was S-9 magazine (C-B) Northern 3776 and 3777 my dad was KLQ-2555 and of course he didn't have a clue to what I was doing he just signed it and away I went ,,finally after many years as N1JLW and KD1JF damm couldn't lose those "J's" and now pending "EXTRA" ,, W1COP,, Yeah I was A cop for 25.5 years will arise from those resricted early days... Unscaved ... I put in my time listening ,,learning and wanting to talk,, but I waited and waited until I could legally.Now I'am poised to carry out the tradition of being a true amateur and passing the torch to others..I am already a VE and hope to impart my knowlege and experience to others. 73 de Dave W1COP


Your WDX/WPE site is too cool!


Your site regarding WDX/WPE brings back so many good memories of those

years and learning the fundamentals of radio through the old 'Polpular

Electronics' mag. I am WDX6HQV and even that as part of my signature line

for E-mail. I have my reissued certificate with the WDX, and I had

originally been WPE. Started out with very inexpensive portable SW rcvr.

and moved along to other sets during the years and, also, drifted in and

out of SWLing and radio in general during those same years. Finally, in

1989 passed Novice exam becoming KC6CSA, upgrading to Tech (now called

Tech+ or Tech with HF), moved to Illinois got the 9 area call. Presently

President of Schaumburg ARC, and upgraded to General class based on

elements passed Saturday, April 15. Rcvrs. are Drake R8, RS 398 and Sony

2010. Txcrvs, HTs for 6 meters, 2 meters and 440, Icom 730 for HF. 'nuff

for now keep the site going and hope you can update soon with my short

little reminescence. 73s

Allan Rosewarne





My call sign was WPE7BJN , I obtained it in Sept on 62. I Was using a Heathkit

GC-1A . After a long gat I'm back in SWL. I wish I still had the Mohican. I logged

over 25 countries before the war stopped my DXing.

I'd like to get in touch with another WPE, David Sprague from Reno Nevada. As

I recall He was a upsclale guy with Hallicrafters SX-62.



Still have the certificate! WPE7COJ...was (and am) proud of it...and it has been a long time! Even got my name mentioned in the magazine once in their column on ham radio and shortwave listening, although I couldn't tell you which issue...was late '66 or early to mid '67...good DX!






Kinda traumatic for a 13 year old - Licensed to Listen (Via Popular Electronics)as WPE6HBC.

Good luck with your collection.

Scott KD6CQ


I think it was WPE5EWC in the mid 1960's. Had a Knight-kit R-100A paid for at $10 a month on Allied's pay plan by mowing yards.




It's amazing...I still remember my "call sign"---WPE9IKN. I am now also W4JHN,

living in Snellville, GA. This brings back MANY great memories!!! Thanks for putting the list together...please add me to it!!


John H. Newman


Hi...I was/am WPE8IIF...wish I had the certificate yet! Used a Knight-Kit Star Roamer (tube power!) and a long wire.

Talk about exotic signals. Now, it seems every other station is some end-time religious guy/gal...sheesh.

Jack Tiggleman KA8FQS/WPE8IIF


Hi Joe

As I recall my call was VE3PE1EX. I was about 16 or so at the time and an

active SWLer. After going on to other things in life like marriage and

kids, I finally got around to getting my Ham call about 6 years ago.

Mike Ligeza


Ottawa, Ontario



Hi Joe,

Nice to see all those other WPE "calls", I think mine was WPE1GWN issued

somewhere around 1966. I got started listening on my Grandfather's

Hallicrafters 5R33A and then moved up to a Lafayette HA-225 that I

talked my folks into getting me on a trip to New York City.

Thanks for the memories.

---Paul AK1P San Jose, CA



My call was WPE4GW. I got it as a youngster in NW Florida.

Dan Henderson

[email protected]




Robert Mattson, W2AMI ex WN2AMI circa 1963

15 Carly Drive

Highland NY 12528-2731


I was registered as WDX2LS back in the late 70's (still have the

certificate), and was even a member of the Newark News Radio Club until it's

demise in the early 80's. I guess that means I got into it at the "tail end"

of the "golden years". I still remember it as a lot of fun, and my "late

night, headphones clamped to the head" listening sessions on 90 and 60

meters for rare Tropical Band stations helped me learn a lot of the

listening skills lacking in a lot of supposed ham DXer's. Sometimes I still

listen on those bands, although I'm more "serious" as a ham radio DXer than

a SWL DXer now.

Does anyone know if Hank W2PNA still has a list of those calls, or if he has

an e-mail address? There's nothing for him on www.qrz.com.

Lou Sica AC0X/WDX2LS



Hi, Saw your web site asking for some of the "Shortwave Monitor"

callsigns. I had WDX1RI in the early 1980s, looked very similar to the

Popular Electronics one on your site. Here it is:


Let me know what you think. My web site of my radio history has some

interesting stuff at:


Included is a tribute to the former holder of my call sign W1LU


Scott W1LU



Hi Joe,

Man o man does that stir up old memories. I had a WPE9 call from Popular

Electronics Magazine in 1958 before I got my amateur license in 1959 in

Beaver Dam, WI. However that was over 40 yrs ago and a lot of water over

the dam, I can't for the life of me remember what the suffix was. My first

shortwave receiver was an old SETCHEL-CARLESON console radio that I found in

someone's junk one day (minus the cabinet) that my dad insisted stay in the

basement, with a huge 18" speaker with an electromagnetic coil to operate

it. MAN WAS IT UGLY! No BFO naturally, but I could copy am shortwave just

fine with a 50 foot long wire. Then with the help on my elmer, Jack W9YOA -

SK now, I was able to create an outboard BFO. Then I was cookin! Now I could

copy CW!

So now 42 years later see my article in the July 2000 QST on page 45 and my

website at www.qsl.net/k9vdd for how things are around here today.

73, And thanks for the memory jolt!


Ralph Henes

Madison, WI



I just happened to be looking for some repair info on my R-71A and came across your page during the search.

I was WPE2OLR, Newark, New Jersey back in...oh, 1961 or 62. I got my certificate from The Newark News Radio Club. The town newspaper used to have a shortwave radio column and that's where I got my start. I hounded my mom and dad to buy me a shortwave radio. Bless their hearts, just to keep me quiet(!), my mom went to the Lafayette Radio Electronics store, off Broad Street and surprised me when I got home from school. I recall opening the box: it had a light green, metal cabinet and it was a heavy, glow-in-the-dark radio. Mom also bought me a book and I remember being up a good part of the night listening and reading to everything between .55 and 30 megacycles! The antenna was 50' of coper wire strung around my 6' X 10' bedroom. Made friends with 2 hams, W3 FDY and W3 DUQ (I remember he used to phonetically say "Drink Up Quick!") The radio had 4 bands: .55 - 1.6, 1.6 - 4.8, 4.8 -14.5 and 10.5 - 30. Don't know why I recall the bands, probably because I used the radio so often! It was a wonderful radio and it used to keep my hands warm when I listened to it during the winter nights...It had an enormous 5Y3GT rectifier tube that almost lite up the whole bedroom. Those were such fun times!

Thanks for the trip down "Memory Lane".


Alan M. Vigeant