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"Electric Radio is published primarily for those who appreciate vintage gear and those who are interested in the history of radio. It is hoped that the magazine will provide inspiration and encouragement to collectors, restorers and builders."

 Here is the July 2001 issue with me on the cover (yes they must have very low standards) hi hi..   ER is my absolute favorite radio magazine. Each issue is loaded with great articles covering various aspects of radio including reviews of classic transmitters and receivers, radio modifications, repair tips, restoration projects, and so on. It is typically 57 pages long, so there is plenty of material in there, and is published monthly.  ER also is a great resource for tubes, parts, want ads, for sale ads, books, compendiums, and just plain camaraderie.  I started receiving the magazine in 1996, loved it so much that I bought all the earlier issues back to number 1, so I have a complete collection.  This magazine is still in production as of 2020.  To subscribe, contact ER:

Electric Radio
PO BOX 242
Bailey CO 81421-0242
Phone/fax: (720) 924-0171


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