1935 Gross CW-25




 In my quest to assemble and activate an authentic 1930's ham station, I learned of a rare transmitter called the CW-25.  It was manufactured by the Gross Radio Corporation from around 1934 to 1939.  There weren't many commercial ham radio transmitter kits offered in the 1930's so the CW-25 immediately attracted my attention.  It met my objective for a 1930's period transmitter plus it had a simple elegance that I appreciated.  The next step was to learn about it and find one.   I searched the internet and pinged the boatanchor lists looking for information on the CW-25.  I only found three people who either used to have one or still had one.  One previous owner had donated his CW-25 to the AWA Museum, and two owners contacted me to share information.  Those are the only responses from pinging several of the major lists.  During discussions with one owner, he offered his CW-25 to me.  I wasn't asking because sometimes I think it's rude, but I was hoping discussions would go that way.  They did, and I ended up buying it.  Thanks Bob W2AMI.  I need to build a power supply for it before I can place this lil gal on 40 meters.  To date I am only aware of 1 other CW-25.  If you have one,  or if you know of one, or if you ever used one, please contact me. As a favor to my buddy Bob W2AMI, he is looking for a schematic diagram for a Gross CB-50 or CB-55 transmitter which he is restoring. Contact either Bob or me.   73, Scott WA9WFA

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My 1935 Gross CW-25 Transmitter.   She is sporting her 2nd place AWA ribbon. 
Another Gross CW-25 Transmitter owned by Terry N3GTE
  1935 Gross CW-25 Transmitter, top. 
  1935 Gross CW-25 Transmitter, bottom
  1935 Gross CW-25 Transmitter, side
  1935 Gross CW-25 Transmitter, side
  1935 Gross CW-25 Transmitter, rear
  1936 QST Advertisement for the Gross CW-25
  1935 QST Advertisement for the Gross CW-25
  Letter from the original owner of my Gross CW-25
  Scan of original Gross CW-25 manual
  Gross power supply Schematic
  Authentic 1935 Ham Station consisting of the Gross CW-25 Transmitter and the National FB-7 Receiver
1935 Gross CW-25 Schematic Diagram


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