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Johnson Viking Courier Amplifier.  I bought this amplifier from my very good friend Chuck W4MIL.  He bought it a few years earlier and restored it, including having Peter Dahl rewind the power transformer.  It is an awesome amplifier and a pleasure to use on the air. 

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The Johnson Viking "Pacemaker" was their first Single Side Band transmitter.  It obviously followed closely on the heels of the Viking Valiant because it has the same look and feel of the Valiant, with just a few more controls.    The Pacemaker was sold around 1958 and was priced at $495, which is a tremendous amount of money at the time.  It was available only as a wired and assembled unit.   The size is 11.5" x 21" x 17" and it weighs 61 pounds so its not a lightweight.  Johnson Viking Pacemaker.   It is rated at 90 watts input SSB and CW, 35 watts input AM.    It covers 80,40,20,15, and 10 meters.  The Viking Pacemaker is a stunning looker and a pleasure to use on the air.  I've been getting excellent audio reports on 20 meter SSB and folks are surprised to hear such a vintage classic American transmitter still on the air.   I have tried AM but there is a lot of hum in the audio circuit, so I'll need to figure that out before putting her on the air in AM.  

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Here is a scan of the full page advertisement on the back page of my Pacemaker manual.  Interestingly enough, it doesn't show the Pacemaker.  Shown are the Viking Ranger 1, Viking II, Viking Mobile, Viking VFO 122, Viking Kilowatt Power Amplifier (Desk KW), Viking Adventurer, Viking Matchbox, Low Pass filter, SWR Bridge.
Reserved for Ranger 1 Johnson Viking Ranger 1
Reserved for Ranger II Johnson Viking Ranger II
Reserved forDesk KW Johnson Viking Desk Kilowatt
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