October 2001 Collins Users Conference




I recently rediscovered a few photo's that I had squirreled away of the Collins Users Conference.  This great event was held in Dallas Tx in October 2001 and was sponsored by the Dallas Posse, a group of Collins enthusiasts in Texas.  What an incredible time it was.  There were lots of seminars and training sessions, plus lots of good Collins talk.  I got to meet a lot of the legends in the Collins hobby such as Bud Whitney, Warren Bruene, Bill Carns,  Gayle Lawson K0FLY,  plus a whole bunch of the fellows that I've heard about such as Mac McCullough W5MC, Jay Miller KK5IM, Hap Perry, Pete Zilliox K5PZ, Brian Harris, and more.   Mac McCullough had all of us over to his house Saturday evening for a real Texas barbeque.  It was a great time and I am grateful to those guys for their hospitality.    I pulled these photo's from a  Collins Users Conference webpage that was briefly setup after the event, so they were taken by one of Dallas Posse principals.  K5PZ supplied the group photo of the Dallas Posse and likely took the rest as well.    73, Scott WA9WFA

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39 Kb photo of the Dallas Posse that hosted the 2001 Collins Users Conference.  Photo by K5PZ. 
145 Kb photo of the Dallas Posse that hosted the 2001 Collins Users Conference.  Photo by K5PZ. 
Butch K0BS giving his S-line tune up class.  Scott WA9WFA (right) asking insightful and thoughtful questions.  Butch K0BS, Brian Harris  (left), and Ray W4QB (next to Scott) thinking 'what a stupid question' :)
Tune up techniques from the master K0BS. I wish that class lasted about 3 times longer.  Good class. Thanks Butch!
Brian Harris (left) and me (right) skillfully aligning and tuning up a 32S-1.  Even Butch was impressed :)
This might have been Butch K0BS's KWM-2 tune up class. Again another great class.  I looked right behind me and said hi to Joe Walsh WB6ACU.
Collins legend, Bud Whitney K7RMT trying to talk me into solid stating my 516F-2.  Sorry Bud, no way  :)  Actually its Bud talking about restoration of the 516F-2. 


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