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I am proud to be a life member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  I have been a Life Member since 1983 and prior to that, an on and off member since 1968.  Seems every ham generation is faced with loss of frequencies and potential loss of the hobby.  If its not WWI or WWII shutting ham radio down, its commercial radio trying to 'buy' our frequencies or unlicensed commercial products legally or illegally operating in our bands.  Today as in the past, Amateur Radio continues to be critically important to the safety, welfare, and security of America.  Amateur Radio continues to provide continental and worldwide emergency communications in the event of disasters, terrorism, weather.  With FCC cutbacks, government selling of our natural resource radio spectrum to the highest bidder, and with the potential Broadband Power Line (BPL) destruction of the our entire hobby, its vital to support an organization that will fight for our hobby.  There is no other organization fighting for the heath and welfare of ham radio.

I hear some folks complain about the ARRL because of this or because of that, and so they refuse to support ARRL at all.  That is a shame because ARRL helped create our hobby and has fought for our hobby ever since ham radio was created.  No one ever agrees with every decision an organization, any organization, makes.  No organization makes the right decisions or popular decisions 100% of the time, but we still need to support the bigger picture, and support ham radio.  ARRL is our method to support the hobby.   Ok, I'm off my soap box :)  But this is important to me.

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