Some Pictures of My Radios Over The Years - Collection #4

Here some photos of various equipment in the shack at one time or another.  All of this gear has been sold over the years and long gone.

Top Row Left to Right, Johnson Viking Kilowatt Matchbox, Johnson Viking Navigator, Drake 1-A, next shelf are the Collins 32V-2 and 75A-1.  Of all the receivers I've owned over the years, that 75A-1 sounded the sweetest on CW.  Bottom shelf Collins 312B-1, Collins KWM-1, Hallicrafters SX-117.

A fun corner of the shack with the Johnson Viking Courier, Johnson Viking Ranger 1, Collins 75A-4, Collins 270G-3.

Below top shelf is the Johnson antenna switch, Knightkit Space Spanner, the Conar twins 400 and 500, Johnson Viking mobile and VFO, Morrow CM-1 with matching speaker.  Bottom shelf Hammarlund HX-50A, HXL-ONE, HQ-170 (or 180).

Last Update: 05/27/2021