Some Pictures of My Radios Over The Years - Collection #1

Here some photos of various equipment in the shack at one time or another.  I sold all this gear off in the big radio sell-off.  It's gone now but the wonderful memories remain!

Below:  Here is a photo of my heavy iron, mainly Collins along with the Johnson Viking Desk KW.  To the left of the desk is the Collins "Gold Dust Twins" consisting of the KWS-1 transmitter and Collins 75A-4 receiver.  On the desk, top row, L-R, Johnson Viking Kilowatt Matchbox antenna tuner, National speaker, Collins 270G-3 speaker.  Middle shelf L-R, Collins 312B-5 VFO Station monitor, Collins KWM-2A transceiver, Collins 30L-1 amplifier.  Desk top, L-R, Collins 32V2 transmitter, Collins 75A1 receiver.  Right of desk is the Johnson Viking Kilowatt amplifier being driven by the Johnson Viking Ranger 2 transmitter.  All of this gear has been sold.

Below:  Here is a photo of me operating my vintage Collins station the Collins 32V2 transmitter and matching Collins 75A1 receiver. On the shelf is a 1960's round emblem Collins KWM-2A, 312B4 station monitor, and Collins 30L1 amplifier. I just loved operating the classic 32V2/75A1 station on CW and AM, and the 'modern' KWM-2A/30L1 on SSB. 

Below:  A Picture of me with a Johnson Viking Valiant 1 transmitter and Collins 75A2 receiver, and Astatic 10DA microphone.  This was from the early days around 1998.
Valiant and 75A4

Below:  To my left is a the Collins "Gold Dust Twins", KWS-1 transmitter, Collins 75A4 receiver, and a Johnson Viking KW Matchbox on the top. On the desk is a Johnson Viking Valiant transmitter and Collins 75A2 receiver.

More Station Pictures

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