Here are a few QSL cards from US Navy stations that I operated back in the early 1970's.  The only card missing is my K6NCG Treasure Island Naval Station QSL. 

Below is the QSL card from when I operated WA6NKC US Naval Training Center in San Diego.  The shack was located on top of the dormatory where I lived during
Radioman "A" School.  The station was a Swan 350 with a tri-bander on the roof.   I first spotted the antenna when I started Radioman A school and operated
it until I graduated.  I didn't have a lot of free time between radioman classes, cleaning toilets, waxing floors, and doing homework,
but when I did have a bit of time I would be up in the shack. 

Below is the QSL card from when I operated WA6UIL Naval Station 32nd Street San Diego.  The station consisted of a older Swan 240 with a beam on a small tower.
My first two ships, USS JOUETT DLG-29 and USS OKINAWA LPH-3, were home ported here.  I spent a lot of time in this shack as well in between
Westpac 'tours' of SouthEast Asia. 

Below is the QSL card and station photo from when I operated WB6GUI Terminal Island ARC at Naval Station Long Beach California.  The station
consisted of a Collins S-line and a Henry 2K.  The station had it's own office space in the Naval base gymnasium.  I was the
only operator during my stint in Long Beach, and I was grateful that the previous hams left the station in fully operational condition.
My ship, USS DULUTH LPD-6, was home ported there so I had a lot of great time in the shack.  I still chuckle over the QSL card misspelling of

Below would be the QSL card from K6NCG Treasure Island Naval Station San Francisco if I could find the card.  The station consisted
of a Drake 4B line and a National NCL-2000 amplifier, beam on a nice tower.  I operated this station many times during 1 or 2 week long transits
through Treasure Island.  Here is where I operated amateur radio RTTY for the first time with a Model 15.  When I wasn't guarding the Admirals Tennis Court, scrubbing toilets,
or waxing floors, I would be at the shack.. HI HI

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