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Here are some pictures of my old Willys Jeep model CJ-3A.   I bought it around 2000 and it had already been restored.  Actually this CJ-3A was in far better condition than my first 1946 CJ-2A back in 1969.  Back then my Dad and I put a couple of gallons of Bondo on the 1946 body and used a paint brush to apply a fire orange color.  I thought it was awesome.  What the heck, my first car and I was 16.  The mechanical's were great but the body was pretty bad from the road salt.  My parents were happy that the top end speed was 45 miles per hour so I wasn't going to get into trouble with a lead foot.

I bought this CJ-3A to recapture some of my youth because my first car in 1969 was a Jeep CJ-2A.  The color is a reproduction of the original Harvest Gold color from 1949.  I sold the 3A maybe around 2009 and it was the right time.  Wonderful memories of driving around the lake and neighborhood, stopping for ice cream, top off. 

This Jeep brought back incredible nostalgia and memories from 1969, and the only things missing were my girl friend, youth, and my hair, but other than that.... :)

This was my sixth and last CJ Jeep.  Since 1969 I owned at one time or another a 46 CJ-2A,  47 CJ-2A, 53 DJ-3A, 1979 CJ-5, 1985 CJ-7, 49 CJ-3A.  The first and last CJ's were the sweetest to own. 

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