WA9WFA's Vintage 1935 Gross CP-100 Transmitter and mid 30's National NC-101X Receiver

Several years ago I put this wonderful vintage station from the 1930's together.  The transmitter was manufactured by GROSS RADIO and it output close to 100 watts.  It used a 211 in the final.  I paired it up with a really superb National NX-101

receiver.    A quick story on the receiver.  When I received it the radio was sporting a shiny black HRO dial.  Also in the packing was a German Silvered HRO Dial.  It turns out the silvered dial was the original dial with the radio, and as it was worn,

the previous owner replaced it with a New Old Stock HRO dial.   The new dial looked nice and new and shiny but I took it off and put the original German Silvered dial back on.  Oh my gosh that radio suddenly sparkled with that worn silvered dial on it

and I left it on for as long as I owned it.

Clearly one of the classiest radios on the air.  I sold this complete station to a collector several years ago. 

Last Update: 11/28/2020
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