Three Tube 80 Meter Regenerative Receiver

This is my homebrew 3 tube regenerative receiver for 80 meters.  I had bought a 1920's homemade AM broadcast receiver at a swap meet and used it to build this one.  I disassembled it, cut the varnished chassis board down to size, cut the original bakelite front panel down, and used the original copper foil shielding behind the front panel to reduce hand capacitance.  The knobs are original also.  The receiver uses three type 30 tubes running off of batteries.  It is surprisingly sensitive.  I would like to slip a 4th tube in there for an RF front end.  I will likely use a 24A to stay with the battery these.  I used a pair of D cells for filaments and a stack of transistor radio batteries for a 36 volt supply.  I think it would run nearly forever off those batteries. 


Last Update: 12/14/2020
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