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Classic Ham Radio and National SW-3
Welcome to the WA9WFA Classic Amateur Radio web site. Around 1996 I was bit with the tube bug and fell back in love with classic tube transmitters and receivers from my Novice days in the later 60's.  All of my operating is with classic American made tube ham radio equipment made by such manufacturers as Collins Radio Corporation, E.F. Johnson, National, Gross, R.L. Drake.  Two years ago I became interested in 1920's and 1930's ham radio.  I built an authentic 1927 transmitter for 80 meters and a 1929 transmitter for 40 meters.  In the 2005 AWA 1929 QSO Party I made 28 QSO's using this authentic equipment.  It was the most fun I've had in a long time.   It is very interesting to note that these old tube radio's have more recently become very popular again as hams search them out, restore them, and once again enjoy the pleasure of operating these legendary radio's. Personally, I think these radio's are becoming more popular because we are trying to recapture our youth and experiences of youth. Regardless, these radio's are a pleasure to own and operate, and if I am fortunate enough to recapture some of the excitement of my ham radio youth, then the experience is that much sweeter! Enjoy the photo's and the walk down memory lane. 73, Scott WA9WFA
National SW-3 Thrill Box Photo's and information about the classic National SW-3 short wave receiver from the 1930's
Authentic 1927 Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Transmitter Photo's and information about my authentic 1927 ham transmitter and my adventures of experiencing ham radio from the late 1920's.  This lil gal made 17 QSO's in the AWA 1929 QSO Party in 2004 and 28 QSO's in the 2005 AWA 1929 QSO Party.
Drake 1A Receiver Photo's Photo's and information about the classic Drake 1A receiver, R.L. Drakes first SSB receiver with pass band tuning. A revolutionary radio which looks like a rural mailbox.
Micamold XTR-1 Photos of a simple three tube transmitter from the late 1940's, schematics, Micamold advertisement, parts list, my station photo, Giles Crabtree's original 1948 XTR-1 station photo's and station description. 
Gross Radio CW-25 Photo's, schematic, information about my 1935 Gross CW-25 transmitter manufactured by Gross Radio Inc of 51 Vesey Street, New York City.  I plan to use this transmitter along with a National FB-7 for a true 1935 period ham station.
Gross Radio CP-100 Photo's about my 1934 high power Gross CP-100, 100 watt cw transmitter manufactured by Gross Radio Inc of 51 Vesey Street, New York City.  I plan to pair this beauty up with a mid 1930's National NC-101X for some sweet 1930's QSO's.

EF Johnson

Photo's of some of my favorite radios manufactured by EF Johnson in Waseca Minnesota.  Photo's include Ranger 1, Ranger II, Pacemaker, Navigator, Courier, Viking Desk KW
Hammarlund Photo's of my classic 1960's Hammarlund station consisting of the HX-50A, HXL-ONE, HQ-180A, SP-200.
Collins Stock Certificate A great scan of a gorgeous Collins Radio Corporation Stock Certificate. Print it out on your color printer and hang it on the wall!


Amateur Radio Postage Stamp

A great scan of a set of beautiful ham radio stamps issued in the 1960's. Print it out on your color printer and hang it on the wall!
For Sale and Want to Buy For sale and Want To Buy list

Collins KWS-1 & 75A4

Photo's of the Collins Radio Corporation "Gold Dust Twins" KWS-1  1 Kilowatt SSB transmitter and 75A-4 matching receiver
Antique Wireless Association (AWA) I am a member of the Antique Wireless Association.  This radio club has been in existence for TBD years.  Here is a link to their website for information.  They have a strong ham radio representation and do alot for 1920's and 1930's ham radio.
I recently came across a few photo's that were taken at the Collins Users Conference in October 2001 sponsored by the Dallas Posse.   Includes photo of the famous Dallas Posse.  Click on logo.
I am proud to be a Life Member of the ARRL and I highly recommend you join and support Amateur Radio through this non-profit organization.  Click on Logo.
Information about the Collins Collectors Association, a group dedicated to supporting Collins equipment.  I've been a member since 1998.   Click on logo.
Electric Radio Magazine Information about a great radio magazine devoted to classic tube radios plus a scan the front cover with WA9WFA on it
A Picture of Me A couple of photo's of me with the Johnson Viking Valiant and 75A4 and my Collins station
Scott's Ham Magazine Articles


A short list of my ham  magazine articles over the years.  I wrote my first article for QST in 1983.
Ameco AC-1 Transmitter Photo's of a simple two tube 5 watt transmitter kit from the 1960's
Links Links to other interesting sites

Vintage QSL Cards

Here are some vintage QSL cards from the 1920's and 1930's.    Cards from that era are fascinating to read!
Milwaukee School of Engineering 9SO - W9HHX Some great photo's of the Milwaukee School of Engineering ham radio station from the 1920's and 1976, plus several MSOE qsl cards from the late 1920's through 1978.
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