New DX Telnet Launcher program available!
Fab has released a brand new Launcher program that is just what some of you have been asking for! This is a tiny Windows program that launches a batch file that will open all the programs mentioned on the DX Telnet Setup page with one double mouse-click on the Launcher shortcut on your desktop. Even more exciting, Launcher will let you make your own batch files for specific configurations of DX Telent, e.g. especially configured for RTTY, CW, or your favorite settings.

The Launcher program is available from
Pawel's (SP7PS) server at

I created a new folder named
Launcher in my C:\DXTELNET folder, and unzipped the files (3) into that:

Launcher (7K) - The application that runs the batch file.
Launch.txt - The default text file (batch file) that runs whatever programs you specify.
Launcher.txt - This is the HELP or description file. This explains completely about how to use various batch files to your advantage. There is a small typo in line 12 where it says "The default text file is launcher.txt..." - This should read "The default text file is launch.txt."

Examples of what you can do with Launcher include:

1. Launch DX Telnet (and EMAILERT if desired), DX4WIN, and Writelog, as well as the programs necessary for DX Telnet to export spots to one or BOTH programs. Here is a sample launch.txt file to do that:
C:\DXTELNET\dxtelnet.exe /S N9BMS

This file launches all the programs discussed on my page, and connects to the N9BMS AR-Cluster. Don't forget - Using this batch file, you can also connect to several sites, including telnet sites, the DX Summit web cluster, and an RF site, yet not receive duplicate spots! On your system, you might not need the WAIT statements, but mine performed better with them there.

2. DX Telnet allows you to save various configurations of the program. This allows you to set it up for your favorite mode or operating activity. For example, you could set up DX Telnet filtering for the ARRL 10M contest and your favoite cluster and save the configuration. Then you could set up another DX Telnet configuration with the filtering and cluster that you prefer for the ARRL RTTY Roundup and save that configuration. Then set up your batch files accordingly to refer to the specified DX Telnet configurations when it runs. This is clearly and thoroughly explained in the Launcher.txt file that comes in the package.


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