The Family of Harleys

Harleys that are/were owned by my family and friends.

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  Dads 1936 EL Knuckle Head
My Dad (Shorter Guy) and his best friend
Harold Stone (Tall Guy) with my Dads
1936 61-C.I. EL "Knuckle Head" Harley.

  Dads 1946 WL Flat Head
Dad with his 1946 45-C.I. WL "Flat Head" Harley.

  Rustys 1941 FL Knuckle Head
Dad's friend Rusty, from Ohio with his
1941 74-C.I. FL "Knuckle Head" Harley.

  Me on a SuckerPunchSally bobber
Here I am on a friends "Sucker Punch Sally" bobber.
(I have lost some weight since then).

  Me on a SuckerPunchSally bobber
My friends "Sucker Punch Sally" bobber.
(Looks nicer with me not in the picture).

  A friends 50's Simplex
A friends 1950's Simplex.
(It will run but needs work.)

  Lowells EL Pan Head
Lowells 1950's EL Pan Head (61-C.I.).
(It runs great! Single Kicker.)

  Lowells Az Bike Week Special
Lowells Az Bike Week Special.
(From one of the first Arizona Bike Weeks.)

  My Pan Bobber
Here is the current look of my Pan Head bobber.
(Modern Reproduction Pan Head.)

  My 100th Anv. Wide Glide (FXDWG)
Lastly here is My 100th Aniversary Dyna Wide Glide (FXDWG).
Keeping it fairly much stock for the intrinsic value,
also it rides pretty darn nice just the way it is.

  My Pan Bobber
A good shot of the left side of the Wide Glide.
(I think it still looks pretty good.)

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