Here are some photos from our recent trip to the Pima Air Museum.
I will add some information on each photo at a later time.
We will start our trip with a short coffee
stop in beautiful downtown Florence.
Here is a fair shot of city hall.
Note the excellent architecture, and ellegant structuring.

Here is a little nicer look at the ellegance of the building.

Last a nice close look at the handsome spire and clockworks.

Ok, enough coffee and house hunting, now on to the
Pima Air and Space museum.
Here after a couple of bucks at the gift shop for admission,
We find the basic introductory level flight items.
This is a real airplane called the "Bumble Bee".
According to the information we got it was only flown once.
The builder built it to be the world's smallest airplane, then
flew it once and put it away for posterity.

Here we have some show and tell stuff for the kid in all of us.
Also you can see the space ship like "Simulator" in the back
ground, where you can take a ride and see what it was like to
fly in different fighter air craft.

This is a historic old bi-plane use by the Alpine Air Lines
for mail service and early barn-storming rides.

Another shot of it. Note the exhaust collection system.

Here is a German fighter that is similar in appearance to
the "Steerman" desired by a lot of today's collector flyers.

Pima 001

Pima 002

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