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Allied Radio Corporation has long recognized the need for a compre-
hensive and condensed hand book of formulas and data most com-
monly used in electronics. It was felt also that such a book should
serve only as a source of information and reference and that attempts
to teach or explain the basic principles involved should be left to
classroom instruction and to the publications written for this distinct

The Electronics Data Handbook, therefore, consists of formulas, tables,
charts and data. Every effort has been made to present this informa-
tion clearly and to arrange it in a convenient manner for instant
reference. All material was carefully selected and prepared by
Allied's technical staff to serve the requirements of the various
groups in the electronics field. It is hoped that our objectives have
been successfully attained and that this Handbook will serve as:
(1) A valuable adjunct to classroom study and laboratory work
for the student and the instructor; (2) A dependable source of informa-
tion for the beginner, experimenter and set builder; (3) A reliable
guide for the service engineer and maintenance man in his everyday
work; (4) A time-saving and practical reference for the radio amateur,
technician and engineer, both in the laboratory and in the field
of operations.

The publishers are indebted to the McGraw-Hill Book Company,
Inc., for their permission to use material selected from "Basic Mathe-
matics for Electronics
" by Nelson M. Cooke. Allied also takes this
opportunity to thank those manufacturers who so generously per-
mitted our use of current data prepared by their engineering personnel.

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