View some Homebrew QSLs!

Here are a few examples of my own QSLs. Click on any card to see it full size. Keep in mind that these images will appear a bit fuzzier on your screen, due to limitations in file sizes; the printed paper versions are sharper.

The first one doesn't require a scanner: all the graphics are standard clip art, including the ARRL logo. This particular QSL (to Dan, AC6PI) was made up just for the Halloween weekend:

Click to see full size QSL to Dan

The next QSL (to Lou, G5RV) followed a DX QRP contact (but see the letter I got back from G5RV).

Note the Washington State silhouette in the top right corner: you can find your own state's silhouette on the Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition CD-ROM:

Click to see full size QSL to G5RV

The next QSL (to Cid, PY1DUB) added a scanned photo, and moved the Washington State outline into the background as a "watermark".

The personal note to Cid is translated from English to Portuguese, using the AltaVista translator mentioned in the Parlez Vous DX? page:

Click to see full size QSL to Cid

This QSL (to Don, WB8OCV) includes a "Two Meter Mobile" photo my wife took during our Christmas 1998 trip to Big Bend, Texas:

Click to see full size QSL to Don

The next QSL (to Brad, W5BK) adds a picture of my primary rig, lifted from Kenwood's web pages.

Click to see full size QSL to Brad

This QSL (to Peggy, WB6LRV) adds a photo of my wife on her white Arab at the beach.

The border pattern is provided by Word's page border function (click Format, Borders and Shading, Page Border, Art).

Click to see full size QSL to Peggy

This QSL (to Alan, W6BAK) was never printed on paper: the word processor image was lifted directly from the monitor with a screen capture utility, reduced as a JPEG, and then attached to an e-mail.

No printing, no scanning, no postage -- just an instant QSL.

Click to see full size QSL to Alan

This QSL (to Vlad, RV3DAR) has more brown tones -- bright reds don't display as crisply on some monitors.

Click to see full size QSL to Vlad

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