Other Equipment

I have other equipment in storage that I have that is not designated to any station at this time. Some of it is on loan to others. I have accumulated this equipment over a lifetime and have proposed uses for it and will list it here.

1973 20 ft Travel Trailer: This is for my Rover Project. I plan to mount excess equipment here and have spots for other equipment to make a quick dispatchable Rover or Emergency Station. I am a member of the Spokane County ARES/RACES and this could be an asset for emergency use. Also being able to pull up to a high spot for a VHF contest would be of value.

Yaesu FT-290MKII, FT-690MKII, FT-790MKII - 2 meter, 6 meter, 70 cm all mode 10 watt portables. I currently have the 690 at my work QTH for 6 meter work. The 290 2 meter is on loan to my father-in-law KC7SOW. I plan to use all 3 of these in the Travel Trailer for a Rover station. I have used these rigs for satellite work and they are quite useful for that. The 2 meter one also provides for a excellent IF rig for microwave transverters.

Uniden President HR-2600 10 meter Allmode Transciever: This rig is on loan to my father-in-law. I plan to use this for 10 meters and as an IF for VHF/UHF transveters for a weak signal station I could loan out for a contesting week-end or my weak signal station in Edgewood.

MMT 28/50 6 meter transverter, MMT 28/144 2 meter transverter, MMT 50/432 432mhz transveter: The 2 meter transverter is designated for my beacon station at this time. These are build by MMT of England and are great transverters. I plan to use these with the Uniden above for a weak signal station.

TenTec 1208 2meter to 6 meter transverter: This is on loan to my father-in-law for his station use on 6 meters.

Icom 2AT HT with 15 watt amplifier: This is on loan to my father-in-law for his packet/APRS station. This is my planned use for it. It makes an excellent transceiver for packet.

Kenwood TH-315A HT: 220 mhz 5 watt HT. I need to repair the receiver on this. I plan to have this available to my father-in-law or children for equiping there stations with 220.

Ten-Tec Century 21 80-10 meter CW Transceiver: This is an excellent CW only transceiver. My son will be setting this up in his room for late night CW QSO with Dad where ever Dad might be.

MFJ 9020, 9040 SSB/CW Transceivers: These will be installed in my Nissan Sentra with hamsticks for 20 and 40 meter HF use. I use the Nissan as my airport car in Spokane.

(4) 10 ghz Gunnplexers tuned to 10.250ghz and 10.270: I will combine thes with a 30 mhz IF for a complete mountaintopping full duplex 10 ghz FM stations. I go to one grid you go to another and make a contact. Then we go to 2 other grids and do the same and both receive a VUCC award on 10 ghz. Sound like fun? Also plan to experiment with these for video/data links for computer networking.

Radio Shack HTX-202 2 meter and HTX-404 440 mhz HTs. I have 2 of these on loan now. These make excellent beginner HT or packet radios. Also I combine one of these with a simplex repeater for backcounty use. One will also go into my Nissan Sentra with a 35 watt amplifier for mobile use. The HTX-404 will go to my father-in-law for 440 FM use.

PK-88, MFJ-1270C TNC's: The PK-88 is on loan with my father-in-law for packet and APRS use. The MFJ-1270 has outboard PSK and 9600 baud modems for satellite use.

Wanzer Z-Match 1500 watt tuner. This was my first tuner that I bought when I was a teenager. It is on loan to my father-in-law.

MFJ Mini Tuner and Power Supply: These are the acessory tuner and power supply to the MFJ 90XX series of transceivers. The tuner is on loan, as is my all-band dipole to Dave W7MOE. Dave uses this setup with his Kenwood TS-50 for a respectable signal from upriver of my home QTH.

Hy-Gain Galaxy GT-550 with external VFO: This was my first transceiver. It is a 400 watt hollow state tube rig. It covers 80-10 meter SSB/CW. I have this rig as a backup rig and on that is imprevious to EMP.

(5) 50 watt Kyrocera Solar Panels with Trace Engineering Controller and inverters: This is my solar setup that I use as emergency power for the shack/office. I will mount two of these on the Rover Trailer for power. I have a 1500 watt inverter also for Solar use. I use a couple of small inverters in the mobile to run my laptop for the digital modes or APRS.

Again the reason I am listing this equipment to let you know I have used it and would gladly let you know what I think of any of this equipment from any of your queries. Please e-mail me and I can get back to you. Also if you really want the something I am always interested in swapping and selling any of it.

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