WA7RF Modes and Frequencies

One of the most exciting things about the hobby of Amatuer Radio is the being able to explore the numerous modes and bands that we have the privilege of using here in the U.S. There is something for everyone amongst the ether. Some modes are plug n' play simple and some take a little more equipment and experience. All are enjoyable and fun however and I think you will find that the modes you may have thought as diffucult are really quite easy.

The modes and bands that I have operated are listed below. I will discuss a little about the mode and band and describe how and when I operate the specific mode or band. I am no way an expert in them but have operated most all of them at sometime or another and plan to continue to build my skill and experience with the modes and bands that I as and Extra Class operator have the privilege of operating. Please click on the links below to learn more.