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The Sierra Amateur Radio Club (of Ridgecrest) is ready to help ease the way for you to get your license and get involved with Amateur Radio. We offer several classes for those interested in communications.

Classes are usually 1 day a week, and go from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM with a 20 minute break. The cost is usually $20, and it includes the ARRL Class Book.

If you would like to be notified when the next class will begin, please send an email stating your interest to attend the next Technician Class to [email protected]

Day 0 Sign up Day - Class introduction - Structure, material, etc
Day 1 Class Introduction - Structure, material, etc
Lesson 12: Licensing Terms, FCC, Bands and Privileges, International Rules, Call signs
Day 2 Lesson 1: Equipment Definitions, Electricity
Lesson 2: Components and Units
Lesson 3: Signals and Waves
Day 3 Lesson 4: Antennas, Feed Lines
Lesson 5: Propagation
Day 4 Lesson 6: Transmitters and Receiver
Lesson 7: Station Fundamentals
Lesson 9: Contact Basics, Band Plans, Making a contact
Day 5 Lesson 8: RF Interference (RFI)
Lesson 14: Electrical Safety, RF Exposure, Mechanical
Day 6 Lesson 10: Nets and Emergency Operating
Lesson 11: Special Modes and Techniques
Day 7 Lesson 13: Control Operators, Identification, Third Party Communications, Automatic and Remote Operation and Prohibited Transmissions
Review, Practice Test
Day 8 Test Day


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