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of the

AS AMENDED 9 December 1996


We, amateur radio enthusiasts, wishing to secure for ourselves the 
pleasures and benefits of the association of persons commonly 
interested in amateur radio, constitute ourselves the Sierra Amateur 
Radio Club of the High Mojave and enact this Constitution as our 
governing law.  It shall be our purpose to further the exchange of 
information and cooperation between members, to promote radio 
knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency and to so 
conduct Club programs and activities as to advance the general 
interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community by providing 
public displays and services.  


All persons interested in amateur radio communication shall be 
eligible for membership.  Membership shall be by application and 
election upon such terms as the Sierra Amateur Radio Club, hereafter 
referred to as the Club, shall in its Bylaws provide.  


Section 1.  The officers of the Club shall be: President, First 
Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  

Section 2.  The officers of the Club shall be elected for a term of 
one year by ballot of the members present, provided there is a Quorum, 
at the last meeting of the calendar year.  

Section 3.  Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled by 
special elections at the first regular meeting following the removal 
or resignation.  

Section 4.  An officer may be removed by a three-fourths vote of the 


Section 1.  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, 
and conduct the same according to the rules adopted.  The President 
shall also enforce due observance of this Constitution and Bylaws, 
decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are 
adopted by the Club and perform all other customary duties pertaining 
to the office of President.  

Section 2.  The First Vice-President shall assume all duties of the 
President in the absence of the President, and perform those duties 
assigned by the President.  The First Vice-President shall be the 
chairperson of the Public Relations Committee.  

Section 3.  The Second Vice-President shall assume all duties of the 
President in the absence of the President and First Vice-President, 
and perform those duties assigned by the President.  The Second 
Vice-President shall be chairperson of the Program Committee.  

Section 4.  The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of 
all meetings, keep a roll of members, submit applications for 
memberships, carry on all correspondence, read communications at each 
meeting and mail written meeting notices to each member as needed.  
Upon expiration of his term, the Secretary shall turn over all items 
belonging to the Club to the successor.  

Section 5.  The Treasurer shall receive and receipt for all moneys 
paid to the Club.  The Treasurer shall also keep an accurate account 
of all moneys received and expended.  The Treasurer shall pay all 
incurred debts and approved expenses upon authorization of a majority 
of a Quorum of membership at a regular meeting or a majority of a 
Quorum of the Board of Officers.  The Treasurer shall, at the 
expiration of the elected term, turn over everything belonging to the 
Club in his/her possession to the Audit Committee.  The 
responsibilities of the Treasurer can be transferred only after an 


The Board of Officers shall consist of the President, First 
Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The 
Board of Officers shall be responsible for all matters of the Club and 
report to the members on matters it deems necessary or required by the 
Constitution.  At Board of Officers meetings, a minimum of four 
officers shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of business.  
In addition to authorizing payment of periodic debts, the Board of 
Officers may authorize expenditure of no more than one hundred dollars 
($100) per period between regular Club meetings.  


The Bylaws shall provide for regular and special meetings.  At 
meetings a minimum of ten (10) members or thirty percent (30%) of the 
full membership, whichever is less, shall constitute a Quorum for the 
transaction of business.  Robert's Rules of Order shall govern 
proceedings.  The Bylaws shall also provide for a Club sponsored 
Newsletter and Editor.  


The Club, by a majority vote of those present at any regular meeting 
where a Quorum exists, may levy upon the general membership such dues 
and assessments as shall be deemed necessary for the business of the 
organization within its objectives as set forth in the Preamble.  
Nonpayment of such dues or assessments shall be cause for expulsion 
from the Club by a three-fourths vote of a Quorum of members at a 
regular Club meeting.  


Committees shall be of two kinds: Standing Committees as provided by 
this Constitution and Ad Hoc Committees as needed.  The chairpersons 
of these committees shall constitute a Steering or Advisory Committee 
should the need arise.  The chairperson of each committee is appointed 
by the President during January and February of each year or within 
sixty (60) days of the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee.  


Section 1.  The Technical Assistance Committee shall 
provide assistance to the membership in the design, construction and 
proper operation of equipment used in an amateur radio station.  

Section 2.  The Repeater Committee shall provide guidance, design, 
construction, installation, operation, service and modifications for 
Club translators, repeaters, control links and associated equipment.  
The design and operation of this equipment shall be in accordance with 
the wishes of the membership as expressed by a majority vote of a 
Quorum of members at a regular Club meeting.  

Section 3.  The Radio Frequency Interference Committee shall provide 
technical assistance to Club members and the community, in the 
interest of improving public relations.  

Section 4.  The Program Committee shall provide a program at each 
regularly scheduled meeting in accordance with the objectives of the 
Club.  The Program Committee shall also keep the membership informed 
of activities of other Amateur Radio organizations that might be 
attended by Club members.  The Second Vice-President shall be the 

Section 5.  The Public Relations Committee is responsible for placing 
public information announcements in the local news media and other 
public places.  The Public Relations Committee is also responsible for 
the preparation, reproduction, and distribution of the Club 
Newsletter.  The First Vice-President of the Club shall be the 

Section 6.  The Audit Committee shall insure that the financial 
records of the Club are in order.  An audit shall occur at the end of 
each fiscal year and before a new officer is installed as Treasurer.  
A fiscal year is defined as a calendar year.  An audit may also occur 
by a vote of a majority of a Quorum of the members at a regular 
meeting or by a majority of the Board of Officers.  The Audit 
Committee shall be three members selected at large by the President.  
The Audit Committee shall report to the members and Board of Officers 
at the regular meeting following the audit completion but no later 
than two regular meetings from the beginning of the audit.  

Section 7.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members 
appointed by the President before the September meeting.  The 
Committee shall present the slate of candidates at the November 
regular meeting.  

Section 8.  The Emergency and Public Service Committee shall 
coordinate and plan public service activities of the Club, including 
the Club's response to community emergency or disaster situations.  
The chairperson shall serve as a point of contact for emergency 
service and volunteer agencies requesting the Clubıs participation in 
community events or emergency relief efforts.  It is suggested that 
the American Radio Relay League Emergency Coordinator for Eastern Kern 
County be appointed as chairperson if he/she is a member of the Club 
and is willing to serve.  

Section 9.  The chairpersons of all committees shall keep the 
President and Secretary informed of all regular or special meetings 
involving their committees.  


This Constitution or the Bylaws may be amended by a 
two-thirds vote of a Quorum of the members at a regular meeting.  
Proposals for amendment shall be submitted in writing at a regular 
meeting and shall be voted on at the next following regular meeting 
provided all members have been notified by mail of the intent to amend 
the Constitution and/or Bylaws at said regular meeting.  In years with 
the number thereof ending in zero and five, this constitution shall be 
reviewed and modified if required.  All modifications shall be 
submitted to the Board of Officers for approval.  


In the event that the Club should be dissolved, the Club 
officers shall transfer all Club physical property, which can be used 
to maintain the emergency communications capability of in the Indian 
Wells Valley, to the East Kern County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency 
Service (RACES).  Other Club physical property shall be sold by 
auction.  The Club officers shall close all Club bank accounts.  The 
moneys received from the auction of physical properties and the closed 
bank accounts shall then be given to East Kern County RACES.  If East 
Kern County RACES cannot receive the equipment and moneys, the 
equipment shall be sold by auction and the moneys resulting from that 
sale and those moneys remaining in the Club bank accounts shall be 
given to the American Radio Relay League Foundation General Fund for 
use in supporting scholarship programs.  


BYLAW 1.  Application for membership shall be submitted to the 
Secretary.  Full membership privileges are obtained following 
application and approval by a majority of the Board of Officers.  Full 
voting membership is open to licensed amateurs only.  Full membership 
includes all Club privileges as well as rights to committee 
membership.  Club officers must hold an amateur license.  Associate 
memberships are available to those with an active interest in amateur 
radio.  Associate members shall be granted all membership privileges 
with the exception of voting, holding office and committee 

BYLAW 2.  Regular, monthly meetings of the membership shall be held on 
a specific day of the month at such place as the Board of Officers 
shall order.  The location shall be published regularly in the club 
newsletter.  Special meetings may be called by the President upon the 
written request of any five Club members.  Notices shall be sent to 
members concerning special meetings and the business to be 
transacted.  Only such business as designated in the special meeting 
notice shall be transacted at said special meeting.  Special meeting 
notices shall be delivered to arrive not less than forty-eight (48) 
hours before the special meetingıs time.  

BYLAW 3.  Dues shall be as determined by a majority of the Board of 
Officers and shall be payable annually by 31 March.  Full time 
students and active duty military personnel shall have dues reduced to 
an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of regular dues.  A family 
membership is for parent(s) or guardian(s) and minor dependent(s) at 
one address with one newsletter sent to one address.  Family 
membership dues shall be one-hundred-and-fifty-percent (150%) of the 
regular dues.  

BYLAW 4.  The Club is authorized to publish a Newsletter.  The Editor 
shall be a position filled by a volunteer Club member with approval by 
a majority of the Board of Officers.  The contents and format of the 
Newsletter shall be selected at the discretion of the Editor as long 
as the information is of interest to amateur radio and Club members.  
The Club shall provide funds to pay the cost of printing and mailing.  
Information from the Board of Officers and chairpersons of committees 
shall be given to the Editor for dissemination to the membership.  The 
Editor shall be a member of the Public Relations Committee.  

Original held by NØLV

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