Pictures from Ft. Tuthill 2000

by Jerry Haigwood, W5JH

W5JH campsite

Bob NK7M and Bertie Hightower's campsite

Jeff Johnson KJ7LO and Dan Tayloe N7VE campsites

Cla KA0GKC and Doug Hendricks KI6DS in conversation

Doug Hendricks KI6DS' Airstream trailer

Roger Hightower N7KT's campsite

Roger Hightower N7KT's truck and mobile antenna

Jeff Johnson KJ7LO checked in the campers

Jamie Johnson KC7MQY and her sister
        Haley "man" the camaper registration

Brian Kassel K7RE and Steve KI0KY campsites

Campground reserved for QRPers only!

Flea market/camping

Flea market/camping

Flea market/camping

Dan Tayloe and wife show off bargins
        found at the flea market

OHR Sprint II for 30 meters $65

Indian Fry Bread

Maricopa County Sheriff's possey


MFJ Trucking Company

Tail gaters

More tail gaters

Cla KA0GKC checks out antennas

Roger Hightower N7KT

AZ ScQRPions banner

Wayne Burdick N6KR

Mike W1DRY, Wayne N6KR, and
        Tom N0SS (Note K1 under Waynes arm)

K1 in camera case

The Elecraft team - Eric WA6HHQ and Wayne N6KR

Tom N0SS, Eric, and Wayne try out the fry bread

Preparing the hall for building Tuna Tin 2s

Gerry K7LRO relaxing in the ScQRPions booth

Joanna Jones KD7GLY and K9DOG

Bob Hightower NK7M trying to get his
        handheld programmed

The Johnson family - Jamie KC7MQY,
        Haley, and Jeff KJ7LO

The AZ ScQRPions booth

Building the Tuna Tin 2s.

AZ ScQRPions only

Campground picnic area

More picnic area

Vern Wright W6MMA's mobile

Vern Wright W6MMA's mobile antenna (close up)

Vern Wright W6MMA's campsite

Vern Wright W6MMA himself

Anyone need a key?

Tuna Tin 2 building party

Jamie Johnson KC7MQY and Althea Dixon
        discuss a Tuna Tin 2 building problem

Heath HW9 and accessories

MAHA Communications

Elecraft Booth

ARRL Booth

Wayne N6KR shows off the K1

Gary Surrency AB7MY at the Elecraft Booth

Chuck Adams K7QO, Jay Bromley W5JAY
        and Jay's son Derek

Jay Bromley W5JAY and Doug Hendricks KI6DS
        discuss antennas with Force

Battery-Tech Booth

The Signman doing a brisk business

MFJ had their own room!

MFJ Enterprizes

HamRadio Outlet

Kachina Communications

Kenwood Booth

Pancake Breakfast on Saturday Morning

Gerry K7LRO and Cla KA0GKC

Eric WA6HHQ, Tom N0SS, and Dan N7VE check out
        the filters on Dan's mini-Stinger XCVR

Gerry, Wayne, Eric, and Doug have a morning discussion

Bob Hightower flipping pancakes

Mike NQ7X and his honey Robin

April Surrency (daughter of Gary AB7MY)
        plays with Roger Hightower's dog

Dave Benson Speaks at the forum

Part of the crowd at the forum

Gary Surrency of Elecraft speaks at the forum

Attendees listen closely

Dave Benson selling at the AZ ScQRPion booth

Wayne Burdick N6KR speaks at the forum

Dan Tayloe discribes his mini-Stinger XCVR

Mike NQ7X helps K7QO install an antenna

Dan Tayloe shows off the mini-Stinger XCVR

17 K2s and 1 K1

Eric and Wayne stand behind their radios!

K2 group photo

K2 group photo

Tuna Tin 2 operation

Main gate of Ft Tuthill

Anyone need a soldering iron?

Pickin' and grinin'

More pickin' and grinin'

Cla KA0GKC looks over the building contest entries

Building contest entries

More building contest entries

More building contest entries

Eric Wayne and Dan discuss the
        pros and cons of his mini-Stinger XCVR

Closeup of the "Best of show" winner (mini-Stinger XCVR)

Brian Kassel K7RE MCs the dinner

Jim Duffey (Dr Megacycle) receives an award
        for the worst sounding Tuna Tin 2 signal

Rick Palmer WB6JDH accepts the winning
        plaque for the Radio Accessories
        catagory of the building contest

Norm Melick KQ6SD accepts the winning
        plaque for the XCVR/XMIT/RCVR
        catagory of the building contest

Vern Wright W6MMA accepts the winning plaque
        for the SMK1 catagory of the building contest

Brian Kassel K7RE accepts the winning plaque for the Ugliest
        Thing catagory of the building contest

Dan Tayloe N7VE receives the "Best of Show"
        award for his mini- Stinger XCVR

Gary Surrency and his wife enjoy a moment
        with Bob and Bertie Hightower

Jim Duffey and his wife

Brian Kassel, Joanna and group talk after dinner

Another group enjoying conversation after dinner

Dan Tayloe and his wife

Jay Bromley, his son Derek, and Dave finishing dinner

Eric WA6HHQ enjoys the Flagstaff evening