SANDRA, Inc              San Diego Repeater Association,
                                              President: Bob Boehme,  W6RHV

AC6V                                    Best Darn Amateur Radio Site in San Diego
                                                Hosted by: Rod, AC6V

...some of the San Diego Area  Organizations:
DX Club                            San Diego DX Club,
                                            President: Arnie, W7BIA

P.A.R.C.                             Palomar Amateur Radio Club,
                                            President:Charlie, NN3V

SANDARC, Inc.               San Diego County Amateur Radio Council,
                                           Chairman,  Mike Matson, N6OPH

Six Shooters Club           San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Club,
                                           President:  Joe, N6SIX

American Radio Relay League  WEB  sites

ARRL,  SDG           San Diego Section WEB Site for Amateur Radio Relay League,
Current SM, Pat Bunsold, WA6MHZ

ARRL Sw-Div                   South West Division WEB Site for  American Radio Relay League

ARRL  National                National WEB site for ARRL

 A.P.R.S. Mobiles -- Where in the U.S.A. is:
Pat Bunsold (WA6MHZ-9) See where Pat's Communications Towncar is located

Joe's  Car  (N6SIX-9 )    Joe is Pres of Six Shooters 6m Club

Terry's Truck (N6AHE-1) Terry also develops APRS Trackers

Tuck's  Car  ( NZ6T )    Tuck goes Everywhere !!
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