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19.a. Family Membership with: (Spouse)

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19.b. Child 1

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19.c. Child 2

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19.d. Child 3

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Birthday (Day Month)(Year Optional):

Send check made payable to: A.R.C.E.C., Inc. For renewal:$20.00 for a single or $25.00 for a family membership. New members: Please add $5.00 per person (member), initiation fee. Return to Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon, Inc. C/O: Membership Chair: David  Cyr

P.O. Box 50, El Cajon, CA. 92022. Please note on the check the day this form was submitted Any questions, please call: (619)   328-0246

If you would wish, you can print out this form and send it to the address above. 

Click here for a Member Application in .PDF format

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